Thoughts on Cockroach:A Poem by Dr. Syed Md. Zainul Abedin

Who doesn’t get scared or annoyed by cockroach!

Some of you might have risked life to get rid of them.

But could you imagine the vermin with egg poach?

You may be charmed to see the still life game.

I had the opportunity to see an art exhibition long ago,

Where artists presented amazing works on still life.

American cockroach and egg poach was a nice show,

The painting also combined sliced bread, fork and knife.

Beside those sweet memories, I have different experience.

Many weird cockroaches infested  my home badly.

They had various  sizes,shapes,colors and appearance ,

They spoiled everything ,I had to see helpless and sadly.

Various species fight for spaces in my home,

American, German and Oriental are some of them.

They have specific ways  for sleep and roam,

They take shelter in places like stores and picture frame.

The pestilent insect has many ways to harm,

They eat our things resulting to immense damage.

Their faeces and foul smell cause great alarm,

They spread diseases like heinous savage.

People call exterminator to stop the nuisance,

Who  destroys  their habitats and apply pesticide.

You can also manage this evil with your prudence,

Clean  home and kill the rogue wherever you find.

But frankly speaking there are some merits  as well,

Giant Madagascar hissing cockroach is reared as pet.

Some species used for research and education as model,

Writers treat in novel or poem as object of hate.

I feel a little embarrassed to share some information.

Cockroaches are farmed for making medicine and food.

These may be norms of some cultures or personal passion.

I can’t prescribe   if such practices are bad or good.

Cockroaches are living for millions of years on the earth.

Modern  humans, Homo sapiens came  much later.

Survival of the fittest will determine which species is worth.

Someday cockroach may brand  the human as invader.


Do you remember the tough time of the island,

Where crisis was regular feature of everyday?

How the sea turned rough and kept us frightened,

How the sky looked gloomy like the doomsday?

Paradigm has been shifted to everywhere now,

Strange curse has seized most human habitation.

Happiness has flown away from the ship’s prow,

Skilled sailors shed tears in severe frustration.

Despite such fearful state we braved journey

Along the waterway with a gorgeous boat.

We enjoyed green mangrove and dolphin spree,

We were amazed to see fishermen float.

Once saw waterspout on a cloudy afternoon,

It spiraled to the sky when tornado was roaring.

The night sky was once illuminated by lovely moon,

Once rainbow colored the sky while it was raining.

Can you recall how excited we became seeing the hill,

After crossing the violent sea in a ragged vessel  ?

Do you wonder how all friends retained zeal ,

While singing along moonlit glade without any hassle?

I’m worried now, what to do at this suffocating time.

The wheel of life is about to stop at any moment.

But sitting like a statue will be treated as a crime.

Hence let’s approach wise people for comment.

Love Story

Rain drops playing with lemon leaves,

Little lemon tree sway in the gusty wind.

Lovely lime butterfly feeling very jealous.

Why strange villains together conspired!

The butterfly flies around in great anger,

Losing her love she began to flutter in pain.

She could foresee the impending danger,

She must be ready for fighting to regain.

Frolicking wind and rain drops saw a rose

And rushed to it for playing game of love.

The amorous flower embraced them close,

She was very happy to find dream dove.

Surprised beauty could not think of such end,

She danced with joy with her lifelong friend.


Keeping ventilator in the home is not enough,
For it allows flow of air only in the room.
When a person struggles for breathing,
He may be gripped by dread of doom.

A doctor or nurse can comfort the patient
With a medical ventilator at this stage.
This device may be quite sufficient
If the person is blessed regardless of age.

But everyone is not fortunate during pandemic.
Doctor has to decide to disconnect the device.
The nurse has to comply despite quite traumatic,
The health worker may feel guilty of vice.

Besides these two types of life saving tools,
Another ventilator may have invisible presence.
This is not tangible,but may be felt even by fools.
This ventilates humanity in the name of conscience.

At this juncture of civilization hypocrites flourish,
Let’s invite divine force to rush and punish.


Heaps of papers were gathered there
I will write an epic with care
I am gleaning stories of life
The epic will be fine and fair

Heaps of papers were trimmed with knife
Events will be penned to play the best fife
I am screening the meaningful cases
For depicting social and family strife

Heaps of papers await with infinite pages
Their agonies magnified through ages
They are always ready to record all
They hate rotting in confined cages

Heaps of papers,however, cannot troll
They give honor to people,big or small
So,they allow more time for my epic
They believe I will respond to their call

Heaps of papers are unhappy in my attic
But my mood tends to be static
I must strive to be charismatic
So I should be sincere and systematic

The Divine Wrath

Every moment brings message of death.
The world is facing The Divine Wrath.

But have patience my sweet friend,
The Divine Wrath will hopefully end.

The people will be free from lock down.
Sounds of smile will fill our town.

Our children will play in the park.
We will ply in lake in a safe ark.

Have a pleasant time in prayer.
Enjoy your Birthday with due care.

International Conference on Research and Extension for Sustainable Rural Development held in Rural Development Academy, Bogra,Bangladesh:Syeda Tasnim Jannat

Bangladesh Agricultural Extension Society and Rural Development Academy (RDA) jointly organized an International Conference on Research and Extension for Sustainable Rural Development during 15-16 February, 2018 with the participation of a large number of extensionists, researchers and other stakeholders. The event was organized at the green and clean premises of Rural Development Academy (RDA) located at Sherpur, Bogra.
The inaugural ceremony of the conference was graced by Professor Dr. Manash Mohan Adhikary, former Vice-chancellor, Bidhan Chandra Krishi Bishwabiddyaloy, West Bengal, India as the chief guest. Mr. M. A. Matin, Director General of Rural Development Academy was the Chief Patron while Professor Dr. M. Zulfikar Rahman, President of Bangladesh Agricultural Extension Society presided over the session.
Dr. A. K. M. Zakaria, Director, Training Division, RDA presented the welcome address. Then Mr. M. A. Matin, Director General of Rural Development Academy presented the keynote speech highlighting the collaboration of RDA with Bangladesh Agricultural Extension Society. He informed the audience that Mr. Md. Mashiur Rahman Ranga, MP, Honourable State Minister, Ministry of LGRD and Co-operatives, Govt. of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh could not attend as the Chief Guest due to important meeting in Dhaka. Crests and certificates were awarded to some progressive farmers for their achievements in their respective fields. Professor Dr. Manash Mohan Adhikary, former Vice-chancellor, Bidhan Chandra Krishi Bishwabiddyaloy, West Bengal, India expressed satisfaction for the dynamic activities of Bangladesh Agricultural Extension Society and assured continued cooperation to this organization. Professor Dr. M. Jiaul Hoque, General Secretary, Bangladesh Agricultural Extension Society offered the vote of thanks to the participants, organizers, patrons and all concerned for their support, cooperation and contribution. The inaugural session was concluded by the closing remarks by Dr. M. Zulfikar Rahman, President of Bangladesh Agricultural Extension Society who highly appreciated Mr. M. A. Matin and his team of RDA for their support and cooperation in organizing the two days international conference.
Technical sessions were organized at four venues where eight sessions took place on 15 and 16 February, 2018. Following technical sessions were held covering relevant aspects of research and extension for sustainable rural development:
1. Models for Agricultural Extension and Rural Development
2. Research on Agricultural Extension and Rural Development
3. Climate Change, Disaster, Environment and Food Security
4. Applied and On-farm Research in Agriculture (Part-1)
5. Socio-economic Issues of Rural Development
6. Sustainable and Innovative Technologies towards Rural Development
7. Cross-cutting Areas of Agriculture and Rural Development
8. Applied and On-farm Research in Agriculture (Part-2)
Felicitation and Cultural Evening was held on 15 February at night at RDA Auditorium. The cultural function was very attractive. Many young artists and participants rendered their contributions in the cultural function which included songs, recitations, jokes and dancing events. A visit to RDA facilities and farm was organized by RDA management on 16 February morning. The participants were amazed by the innovative activities and action research of RDA. They acquired knowledge of the special activities of RDA during this visit. The concluding session was held on 16 February at RDA Auditorium. The outstanding presenters were awarded in the concluding session. Dr. Akram H. Chowdhury, Chairman, Barendra Multipurpose Development Authority was present in the concluding session as chief guest. Professor Dr. Lutful Hasan, Coordinator, Committee for Advanced Studies and Research (CASR), Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh addressed the audience as guest of honour. Mr. M. A. Matin, Director General of Rural Development Academy and Dr. M. Zulfikar Rahman, President of Bangladesh Agricultural Extension Society also spoke in the session.
Business session for BAES members was held on 16 February. An executive committee for 2018-19 term was formed in the business session. A visit to Mahasthangar, a famous historical place of Bogra was arranged after the business session. This visit was a lifetime experience for the most of the participants.
Professor Dr. Mohammad Jiaul Hoque, General Secretary, BAES informed this correspondent that 200 participants from home and abroad registered for the international conference. A good number of participants joined from China,India,Indonesia,Malaysia,Nigeria, Philippines and Somalia. Presentations of Technical sessions and Poster display focused on research and extension activities for sustainable rural development in Bangladesh and in the countries of the foreign participants. A comprehensive Abstract Proceedings was published and distributed among all participants. The proceedings incorporated all information related to the conference. The proceedings was enriched by the valuable messages from Sheikh Hasina, Hon’ble Prime Minister, Govt. of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh and Md. Mashiur Rahman Ranga, MP, Hon’ble State Minister, Ministry of Local Government, Rural Development and Co-operatives, Govt. of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. Besides, precious messages from Ms Mafruha Sultana, Secretary, Rural Development and Cooperative Division, Ministry of Local Government, Rural Development and Co-operatives, Govt. of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, Professor Dr.Md. Ali Akbar, Vice-Chancellor, Bangladesh Agricultural University, Professor, Dr. M. Abul Kashem, Vice-Chancellor, Hajee Mohammad Danesh Science and Technology University, Professor Dr. Md. Jasimuddin Khan, Pro- Vice-Chancellor, Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mohammad Mohsin, Director General, Department of Agricultural Extension, Dr. Md. Kabir Ikramul Haque, Executive Chairman, Bangladesh Agricultural Research Council, Dr. Abul Kalam Azad, Director General, Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute, Dr. Md. Shahjahan Kabir, Director General, Bangladesh Rice Research Institute, Syed Arif Azad, Director General, Department of Fisheries, Dr. Md. Ainul Haque, Director General,Department of Livestock Services,
Engineer M. A. Matin, Director General of Rural Development Academy, Professor Dr. M. Zulfikar Rahman, President of Bangladesh Agricultural Extension Society and Professor Dr. M. Jiaul Hoque, General Secretary, Bangladesh Agricultural Extension Society highlighted the importance of this international conference for sustainable rural development.
The International Conference on Research and Extension for Sustainable Rural Development was an important milestone of the Bangladesh Agricultural Extension Society. The findings and recommendations of this conference will greatly help in the sustainable development of agriculture and rural areas of Bangladesh and participating countries.

Keynote speech of Dr. Alice Baillat at 4th Gobeshona Conference: ICCCAD

Published on Jan 9,2018

Dr Alice Baillat gave the keynote presentation on how a weak power like Bangladesh is able to exert influence at the international climate negotiations. She explained that Bangladesh has been able to use its dual identities as both one of the most vulnerable countries to climate change as well as a champion of adaptation to pull leverage at the international level. Furthermore, since Bangladesh was one of the first countries to enact a comprehensive adaptation strategy, as well as create a domestic fund earmarked particularly for adaptation, the country has ‘first mover advantage’ at the international stage. The country has also been able to draw on its climate experts to gain a better understanding of the issues at stake at the talks. Two strategies countries like Bangladesh can use in the international climate talks are moral leadership and coalition building. Moral leadership arises from the fact the poor countries often will be the foremost victims of climate change, but contributed very little to the problem. Whereas coalition building allows poor countries to pull their resources together and fight for a common platform. One example she gave is Climate Vulnerable Forum, a coalition of the most vulnerable countries to climate change, that successfully campaigned for the inclusion of the 1.5C goal in the Paris Agreement. However, as they countries are still weak, international climate negotiations are still ultimately determined by stronger players. Nevertheless, using these strategies, Bangladesh has shown it is not a passive victim, but a key player in the fight against climate change.