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I visited the BASIS SOFT EXPO 2012 for the second time yesterday evening.The expo was as lively as before.But,a sense of sadness appeared to be prevailing there.This was because of the reality of winding up of the fair which became part of the lifestyle of so many people who participated from home and abroad.They dedicated their full talent in the making of the expo.They aspired to gain their goals.Some of them wanted to come into lime light.The established ones wanted to make good business for the duration of fair and beyond.I think all active participants achieved some of their objectives and sowed seeds of hope for the future.
During the expo I perceived through my actual and virtual visits that such fair is very important for the development of IT sector in Bangladesh.But,this fair should not be the market of foreign technology,device or business initiatives.
The exposition of innovations and sustainable development of the innovations through care and guidance of the innovators should be the major focus of such fair.I felt that caring and guidance of the innovators could be enhanced for inspiring them to take more challenges.
I observed the devices and innovations made by the local innovators and displayed in the expo with interest.The innovations needed more development in order to face the international standard.If the innovators are given more training and guidance they can pursue more options for developing their innovations.I refer to technical as well as logistic support to the innovators.May I ask if any system of holistic guidance is in place now?I am afraid,the answer is still negative.I am very confident that Bangladesh has many talented peoples.The need proper care and guidance.If they are taken care of properly the nation may enjoy miracles in the development of IT sector.


Indian actress Sheena Chohan has been assigned the challenging job of live reporting and studio interviews of Bangladesh Premier League2012 (BPL 2012).
I was very happy to see her to charm the audience with her beauty and intelligent conversations during the BPL 2012,MATCH 25 being held on 25 February,2012.She was sharing with a guest about the delicious fish and pithas of Bangladesh which she enjoyed after coming to beautiful Bangladesh.
The game is between Dhaka Gladiators and Barisal Burners.The Sher-e-Bangla Stadium located at Mirpur in Dhaka is humming with the presence of large number of spectators.They are rejoicing and playing flutes.The beginning of the match appears to be wonderful.Barisal scored 34 without any loss.Hodge and Shehzad are batting now on behalf of Barisal.The game seems to be enjoyable which may be felt from the reactions of the audience.The run rate is 8.57 at this moment.
You can learn more about Sheena at the following link:

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We visited the BASIS SOFT EXPO 2012 today on 24 February 2012.The arrangement of the expo is amazing.The reception and entrance system are secured and disciplined.There are voulunteers everywhere to help the visitors.The well mannered and qualified management personnel of all stalls are very keen to demonstrate their products and services.All organizations participating the expo were giving away plenty of illustrated publications.They were appraoching the visitors to sell their products and services.They were collecting visiting cards and taking particulars of the visitors for the future transactions or contact.s.
There was a wonderful arrangement of B2B Matchmaking of Bangladeshi IT entrepreneurs with the European companies.We talked with Per Thorbel of UNI.C
and Jesper Soegaard of CHRISPER ECONOMY APS.They explained their business activities ,outsourcing and international activities and ideas for cooperation with/sourcing from Bangladeshi companies.They expressed their satisfaction over the arrangement made in the expo.Both of them were happy with the friendly cooperation and hospitality of Bangladeshi people.We like to mention the websites of the two participaing companies for the interested readers.
We visited a number of stalls and shared with the personnel of some of them in greater details.
We talked with Mostain Billah,Chairman of Mateors.comand understood the range of their products and services.He explained how he formed his company from scratch through his devotion.He studied in Daffodil University.His company provides services on SMS Gateway,SMS Enable Application,Web-Hosting,Accounting/Inventory Payroll,Access Control,E-Ticketing,Biometrics Device,School /College &Mobile Shop Management,Online and all kinds custom ,desktop and online software development and domain registration.
You can visit his website and learn more about the activities of his company.


Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services (BASIS) is organizing a five day long expo during 22-26 February,2012.This expo has incorporated many activities and programmes to enrich the IT industry of Bangladesh.

Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services (BASIS) is th e national trade body for Software & IT Enabled Service industry ofBangladesh. Established in 1997, the association has been working with a vision of developing vibrant software & IT service industry in the country.

BASIS has been organizing its annual mega event BASIS SOFTEXPO since 2003. Over recent years, SOFTEXPO has become Bangladesh’s biggest showcase for software products, IT enabled services (ITES) and ICT system solutions. For business organizations ranging from large conglomerates to SMEs, government departments & agencies, non prot & development organizations as well as individual buyers, SOFTEXPO is the show to nd what technologies andproducts are contemporary and demonstrate the exciting things that are forthcoming.
This year’s Softexpo, being held at the city’s Bangabandhu International Conference Centre (BICC) surpasses any of its previous expositions in terms of size and diversity. As many as 140 organisations are participating in the event. BASIS is facilitating bilateral talks between local companies and foreign investors to explore the opportunities in the local market.
You can get all information regarding the BASIS SOFT EXPO 2012 from the website :
A session with Bangla bloggers during the month of language movement will be held on February 24 while an open session with freelancers on February 25 will find interesting stories of how freelancers are using their calibres for making easy money with their talents.

Please attend the BASIS SOFT EXPO 2012 and enjoy its various programmes.
I can assure your valuable time in this expo will enrich you and make you an enlightened you.
See the day plan of the expo.

Plant Doctor :Dr Syed Md Zainul Abedin

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Plants  suffer from diseases like human and pets.You may be alarmed to learn that the diseases of plants caused great famines in the world. Irish Famine which was caused by the disease of potato called,Late blight of Potato.The pathogen which caused this disease is Phytophthora infestans.The great Bengal Famine of 1942 was caused by another plant disease,the Brown Spot of Rice.The causal organism of this disease is Bipolaris oryzae.

However,plants are also affected by pests like insects,mites,rodents,birds,snails etc.   and conditions of soil like deficiency and excess of plant nutrients and variations in soil reactions.Courses are offered in universities to equip graduates to prevent or cure problems of pests,diseases and nutrient imbalance.We may call such graduates as Plant Doctors.Services of such Plant Doctors may be available in many developed countries who prescribe for garden plants especially flower,vegetables and landscape plants.In developing countries public research and extension agencies offer services to the farmers for plant disease management .Some international agencies also support services of plant doctors through funding and training.

Plantwise,an UK based international initiative has come forward to provide plant health services around the world.

Plantwise is gathering and disseminating knowledge in two ways: 1) via a network of plant clinics in the developing world to help the poorest farmers and 2) internationally via the Knowledge Bank.

Plant clinics – farmer interface and support system

Over half of the one billion hungry people in the world are smallholder farmers who rely entirely on their crops to feed their families. Plantwise helps developing countries set up and run community based plant clinics that deliver free plant health advice to these farmers. The clinics, staffed by ‘plant doctors’, are a lifeline for farmers helping them overcome plant health problems and improve their yields. Sometimes the clinics can mean the difference between having a modest surplus which can be sold and going hungry.

Plantwise helps developing countries establish an integrated plant health system, of which the clinics form a vital part.

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Knowledge Bank – harnessing local knowledge

Plant doctors, extension workers and researchers all need access to the latest information in order to be able to best assist the farmer. Plantwise offers on-line diagnosis and treatment support information as well as practical on the ground training for potential plant doctors.

As a result of helping farmers Plantwise collects valuable data about plant pest and disease distribution that is shared with the participating countries. Working with the relevant NPPO (National Plant Protection Organization) Plantwise  publishes validated pest and disease distribution data. This information, harnessed effectively, can form the basis of an early warning system alerting the plant health community to a change in distribution of existing pests/diseases or the threat of a disease in a new region.

The Plantwise Knowledge Bank  helps with the local, national and regional fight against pests and diseases. In addition to local distribution data captured at the clinics Plantwise will capture data about new pests and diseases from scientists, published sources and official bodies, and map this information in greater detail than ever before.

Plantwise is a global programme, led by CABI, to improve food security and improve rural livelihoods by reducing crop losses.Currently Plantwise is operating in 31 countries and delivering its services through 413 plant clinics.These clinics have helped over 280,000 smallholder farmers and their families. Evaluation of Plantwise has revealed that it is a highly relevant, effective, efficient and well managed program.

You can get detailed information about the programs and activities of Plantwise in its website,

I am providing below a link of a video showing the services of  Plant Doctor assisted by CABI Plantwise.I hope you will enjoy the video.




Plant clinics in Bangladesh

As a citizen of Bangladesh,I feel very fortunate to have the services of Plantwise in Bangladesh.I am citing some relevant information from the website of Plantwise to focus its activities in this country where agriculture plays very significant role in its economy.


To gain a better understanding of plant health problems, Rural Development Academy (RDA) and NGO’s Agricultural Advisory Society (AAS) and Shushilan have established 11 plant clinics in Natore, Bogra and Satkhira districts and Gazipur and Khulna.

The plant clinic approach was first introduced for farmers in Shahjahanpur upazila of Bogra district from 2004, in Baraigram upazila of Natore district by AAS from 2005, and in Kaliganj upazila of Satkhira district from 2006 under funding and technical support from CABI. The aim of the plant clinics was to:

  • enhance crop production
  • reduce production costs by avoiding frequent use of chemicals
  • increase income
  • remove the risk of crop failure due to pest and disease infestation,
  • help to save the environment from pollution

Women plant doctors at newly opened plant clinic in Bangladesh


Monitoring progress

A good monitoring system is essential to document clinic progress, assess the service quality, identify weaknesses and difficulties and define actions for continuous improvement. In 2008, a monitoring workshop in Satkhira with RDA, AAS and Shushilan was held as a first attempt to establish a simple monitoring system for the plant clinics.

The following link of Plantwise provides the resources of administering ‘Plant Doctor’ services in


Bangladesh trainnees

Ekusher Chetona

The incident took place on the 21st February,1952.The incident was the killing of
a number of youths who wanted to speak in Bengali,the mother language of the peoples of the then East Pakistan.But the heartless leader of Pakistan wanted to suppress the desire of the peoples of the the then East Pakistan.This unwise and merciless act of suppression created a long movement and ultimately the Liberation War of 1971 which was instrumental to the birth of a new nation, Bangladesh.The spirit of 21st February,1952 which is translated to EKUSHE FEBRUARY.The sweet word Ekushe presented the Bangladeshi nation a spirit which gave them courage to fight for their nation.The spirit of 21 which is translated as Ekusher Chetona still gives us courage to develop our country and cherish our culture.This spirit inspired us to motivate the UNESCO to declare 21st February as the International Mother Language Day.This day is meant for honouring the mother language of all peoples and cultures.The 21st February is just few hours away.
Whole Bangladesh is awaiting to observe the historical moment after 12pm tonight.
The Central Shahid Minar and the surrounding areas have been decorated to allow thousands of mourners to offer flowers to the memory of myrters of the 21st February,1952.Let all peoples of the world remember the sacred day to honor the myrters.

Television Talkshow

With the advent of cable television technologies,a large number of television channels are now available for the viewers in most of the countries.The talkshow has emerged as a major television program in the present time.You can get a number of talkshows at any time of the day when you surf through the channels to select a program.
The diversity of talkshows presented in television is amazing.You can get talkshows on politics,language,literature,health,nutrition,share market,cooking,games,music,drama,movies,computer,internet,agriculture and many others.The choice and taste of an audience which talkshow she or he will enjoy.
Some cooking talkshows are very popular amomg the women,while share market investors are keen to attend the talkshows related to share market.
The topics of talkshows are determined by the issues of national or world interests.Any international event like game,war,disaster etc.will influence talkshows in most countries.National events also influence many talkshows.
The talkshows offer the audiences various information of their interests.The talkshows are instrumental in making the hosts and guests of the talkshows as famous personality.
The talkshows are great resources for the ever increasing television channels and also for the peoples of all countries.