I visited the BASIS SOFT EXPO 2012 for the second time yesterday evening.The expo was as lively as before.But,a sense of sadness appeared to be prevailing there.This was because of the reality of winding up of the fair which became part of the lifestyle of so many people who participated from home and abroad.They dedicated their full talent in the making of the expo.They aspired to gain their goals.Some of them wanted to come into lime light.The established ones wanted to make good business for the duration of fair and beyond.I think all active participants achieved some of their objectives and sowed seeds of hope for the future.
During the expo I perceived through my actual and virtual visits that such fair is very important for the development of IT sector in Bangladesh.But,this fair should not be the market of foreign technology,device or business initiatives.
The exposition of innovations and sustainable development of the innovations through care and guidance of the innovators should be the major focus of such fair.I felt that caring and guidance of the innovators could be enhanced for inspiring them to take more challenges.
I observed the devices and innovations made by the local innovators and displayed in the expo with interest.The innovations needed more development in order to face the international standard.If the innovators are given more training and guidance they can pursue more options for developing their innovations.I refer to technical as well as logistic support to the innovators.May I ask if any system of holistic guidance is in place now?I am afraid,the answer is still negative.I am very confident that Bangladesh has many talented peoples.The need proper care and guidance.If they are taken care of properly the nation may enjoy miracles in the development of IT sector.

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