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The Reciter : A Poem by Dr.Syed Md. Zainul Abedin

The lady was a little shy
When I requested her to recite
But her heart wanted to try
The poem that hovered day and night

She started with low voice
Her face started to change
Signs of sorrow and rejoice
Were shown to interchange

Now,she was another person
Her voice rendered artistic narration
She performed a special session
She was transformed to an incarnation

Recitation was her passion
She recited poems for years
Once a poem created impression
She recited it with tears

A poem is the product of poet’s passion
The reciter presents it to the people
Poet and reciter belongs to the same mission
The message of the poem spreads like ripple

I admire the partnership of poets and reciters for creativity
Both of them have great devotion
Together they work for the betterment of humanity
The world should acknowledge their contribution

(Inspired by the extraordinary performance of a female reciter )

Little Boy: A Poem by Dr.Syed Md. Zainul Abedin

Little Boy was a clever name
He played a merciless and fiery game

People of Hiroshima melted like snow
Little Boy displayed his atomic glow

Warmongers are not happy with death
They feed Little Boy to appease wrath

(Hiroshima was turned to a hell on 06 August 1945 by the atom bomb,Little Boy)

Foxtail Orchid : A Poem by Dr.Syed Md. Zainul Abedin

Once I saw orchid plants on an old mango tree
Plump leaves and velamen grew in spree
Some inflorescence of orchid swayed in air
The  tree seemed like a house full of care

The orchid spikes were shaped like tails of fox
They had tiny flowers resembling phlox
The beauty of the flowers was beyond my expression
Wild foxtail orchid became my passion

I wondered how the wild orchid would  survive in home
Pulled down one plant and carried it to my room
Planned to grow this in the captive condition
Thought of all  means for domestication

Put the plant in a perfect pot
Set it under the cornice at a lovely spot
Supplied precise food and adequate water
Arranged sunshine and air with great care

An elegant spike of orchid peeped one day
It grew longer and  wind made it sway
Honeybees flew and hummed their song
I enjoyed  the magic all day long

I felt its beauty should be shared before it dries
I thought of my mentor who inspired me by advice
He came from Britain and chose to live here
He wrote poems and worked in a newspaper

Thomas Ansell was the poet who won my heart
His poems bloomed like orchid on the lovely plant
I offered the wonderful plant to the gentleman
He took it gladly their and then

A divine smile  spread across his face
I felt his  beauty and winning grace
The unsung poet who loved my country
Lived like orchid plant on a large  tree

(This is a tribute to British born Bangladeshi poet Thomas Ansell)