Mango Blossom : A Poem by Dr.Syed Md. Zainul Abedin

Mango blossom is the song of  spring
Festive fireworks of youth and beauty
Fragrance of romance tied with wedding ring
Dance of butterfly and honeybee
Mango blossom is like a miniature Christmas Tree
Blooms for a short time to charm all
Birds fly among them for food gathering spree
Happy insects fill the air with mating callMango blossom brings dream to the farmer
Good weather will prevail in this season
He hopes to have a good harvest this year
To pay his debt and achieve his mission

Mango blossom makes the children wonder
When the mango will reach proper size
To eat them with salt and chilly powder
Picking them in storm as the juvenile prize

Mango blossom predicts hail storm and nor-wester
Shabby homes may be blown away
Poor people express concern for losing their shelter
They seek divine favor for blissful day

Mango blossom is a great gift of nature
Dreams and hopes dominate forever

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