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May Allah bless Saudi King and all dawees :Syed Mohd. Saleh Uddin

Whenever an affliction strikes a Muslim and he says, as Allah commanded him, “Inna li- Llahi, wa-inna ilayhi raji un. Allahumma ajirni fi musibati, wa-akhlif li khayran minha- To Allah we belong, and to him we return, O Allah, reward me for my affliction and replace it for me with that which is better,” Allah will then surely replace it for him with that which is better. (Recorded by Muslim, al-Bayhaqi, and Ahmad)

May Allah bless Saudi King and all dawees

Today is Friday the 23rd January 2015. During Juma prayer Imam of the Uttara, sector 11 mosque announced sad news. After the Tahazzud prayer the Amir (leader) of the Zamaat that came from Tajikistan and Kazakhstan of Russian federation had normal death. His name is Muhammad Ameer Ali. He was with his two sons in the Zamaat. Other members of the zamaat were mostly  came from Kazakhstan though he was from Tajikistan.

To the believers ‘there is no difference between life and death’. On death they simply change their abode from this earth to other world. So, in their life before death they supplicate to kind almighty Allah to give death with Iman and in the way of Allah. I hope Allah accepted his past supplications.

Today there was another shocking news about King of Saudi Arabia. It was death of the king Abdullah of Saudi Arabia. About him following information I got in the internet(


Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud was the King of Saudi Arabia and Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques from 2005 to 2015. He ascended to the throne on 1 August 2005 upon the death of his half-brother, King Fahd. Wikipedia. Other important information about him is as follows:


  1. Born:August 1, 1924, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  2. Died:January 23, 2015
  3. Spouse:Alanoud AlFayez (m. 1972–2003), more
  4. Parents:Ibn SaudFahda bint Asi Al Shuraim
  5. Siblings:Salman bin Abdulaziz Al SaudFahd of Saudi Arabiamore
  6. Children:Mutaib bin AbdullahAdila bint Abdulla Al Saud,


A Heart is like a bird : Syed Mohd. Saleh Uddin

DSC06968Jatiyo Sangshad Bhaban, or the National Parliament Building of Bangladesh, located at Dhaka, Bangladesh. It was designed by Architect Louis Kahn (Courtesy:”Jatiyo Sangshad Bhaban (Roehl)” by Karl Ernst Roehl (ke.roehl AT – Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons –

A Heart is like a bird

It was 17 January 2015. I got Tongi bound 27 number bus from Subhan Bagh. It was my birth place. So, my mind started flying. It is such bird that does not follow the law of time. It can fly back to the past and none can stop it to fly to any future even to the world to come. It flies in its own ways and styles.

When I could understand the beauty of nature all around there plain or low land charmed me. I walked down the shallow land full of marsh land’s ‘Buru’ fields. At that time such rice plants could grow up with the rise of flood water. So, their leaves top could be seen fluttering in wild breeze during flood time. It was the story of 60 years ago. Now with the rise of high rise building this Eco-system is unimaginable in Dhaka.

However, our bus turned right near Asad Gate and was moving towards Farm gate. In due time our bus crossed the ‘Sangsad Bhaban’ (National assembly Bhaban). In front of it there are flower gardens. There are beds of various seasonal flowers nicely maintained. There are also big palm trees which were imported from a foreign country for beautification. Then our bus crossed the Khejor bagan (date palm garden).

In our boyhood these places were there. But not like today. Under the Sangsad Bhaban there was Dhaka Farm Primary School. I was a student of that school. Near the Khejor bagan there was a shed for rice research plantation. In between the shade and our school there was low land where marshy land various types of rice were planted for research. Nearby in the highland there were agriculture related offices and quarters for the officers and staffs. A long red British Govt. constructed building was the office of my father. It was the office of East Pakistan Government veterinary department. Now all these are only written in the history of ‘Mahakal’ i.e. unending time. All those were replaced by our glorious ‘Sangsad Bhaban’. Its construction works were started during Pakistan period  about 60 years ago. In Bangladesh period time to time it was more beautified.

Our bus was moving .It crossed ‘Khamar Bari’ the agriculture departmental head quarters of the Bangladesh Government. In my boyhood it was honey research center. Then Government spared the area for Khamar Bari. This name is very important to poet agriculturist Dr. Syed Zainul Abedin because he wrote the a  poem entitled ‘Khamarbari’ in the spirit of the Freedom War of Bangladesh.Later the concerned authority of the Government  selected  the name for the building in which the headquarters of Department of Agricultural Extension and a number of other offices are located.. Besides,  most of the district head offices of agriculture department are also named the same. In front of the Khamar Bari now there is Islamia Eye Hospital. It was established by Dr. T. Ahmed. His son Flt. Lt. Alauddin of PAF was a martyr of 1965 war between India and Pakistan.

In my school life including this Hospital area till Farm Gate there was a big Horticulture garden of the agriculture department of the government. Now that portion is a park. While our bus was crossing it I saw a big pandal of Ursh (a type of sufi congregation) of Kutubbaghi. In Bangladesh now there are also ursh (of Sufi school) of Dewanbaghi, Saiadabadi, Rajarbaghi, Aatrashi, Charmonie, Maijh bhandari, al- azhari etc. I had a chance to talk with  chair person of ‘Peer Mashaikh Party’ Salauddin Gazi on many occasions. According to his discussion, one can purify his soul by various practices of Sufism.

However, fundamentalists say about them, if Sufism within the boundary of Islami Sharia then there is no harm in practicing this. But it is seen in Bangladesh few schools of Sufi ignore obligatory rituals. To the fundamentalist leaders such groups cannot claim themselves Muslim because they do not recognize obligatory Salat, Siam, Hajj etc as Farj rituals. In the Islamic history there are names of many Muslim Sufi. Persian poet Rumy, Arab poet Ibnul Arabi and woman mystic Rabya Bashri are very famous for their Sophist activities. Sufi Monsur Hallaz may also be named. He for his non fundamentalist activity was sentenced to death by the court.

In conclusion I like to say Hakkani Sufis follow Islam properly and in addition they meditate for the purification of the heart according to the instruction of their Peer-Masaikh(Spritual teachers).

A Sufi Philosopher Ibn ul-Qayyim said:

“In its travel to Allah, a heart is like a bird: love is its head, and fear and hope are its two wings. If the head and wings are in good condition, the bird flies well. If the head is removed, the bird dies. And if the wings are lost, the bird becomes defenceless before hunters and predators.” (courtesy: al-Jabaly’s work)

Our bus crossed Farm Gate and was proceeding towards Tongi. In the Bus there were few people who were going to Estema. The second time Estema was going on. Fact is Hakkani Peer- Masaikh and Tabligi Ameer all teach their followers about Tawhid and the ways of purification and salvation of souls which is possible by love and fear of Allah and also by hope for the best in the next world.

Estema- Doa and world peace:Syed Mohd. Saleh Uddin

Bangladesh has three world heritage sites. The Shat Gombuj Mosque in Bagerhat is one of them. It is a 15th century Islamic edifice situated in the suburbs of Bagerhat (a district in Khulna Division), on the edge of the Sundarbans, some 175 km south west of Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. It is an enormous Moghol architectural site covering a very large area (160 x 108) square feet. The mosque is unique in that, it has sixty pillars, which support eighty one (81) exquisitely curved domes that have worn away with the passage of time. The structure of the building also represents the 15th century Turki architectural view. It is anticipated that, before 1459 a greatest devotee of Islam named Khan Jahan Ali established this mosque. He was also the founder of Bagerhat district.

Just at about 1145 Bangladesh time on January 18 in 2015 the last supplication (Akheri Munajat) of 2nd time congregation(Tongi Biswa Estema) is concluded. An Indian Maulana (ameer) was leading the Munajat in Arabic and an Indian language. He humbly urged for the world peace  and for the peace hereafter to all mighty Allah. Millions of Muslims worldwide (in the Estema and before TV) rose their hands in Islamic tradition to invoke to Allah with him and said ‘Ameen’. In the Doa was also included, “O-Allah grant us ever lasting peace!”

At the same time there were processions in Paris and else where of millions participants  for world peace. As a philanthropist I am also one of the peace loving people but my urge to powerful world leaders to impose little limitation to the works of writers like me to not hurt any one’s religious feelings. A true Muslim will never dare to dishonor any of the prophets of Jews and Christians, not only that they are also honorable prophets of Muslims’ faith. As in the Holy Quran Allah says in Sura al-Bakarah:

4. And who believe in (the Qur’an and the Sunnah) which has been sent down (revealed) to you (Muhammad Peace be upon him ) and in [the Taurat (Torah) and the Injeel (Gospel), etc.] which were sent down before you and they believe with certainty in the Hereafter. (Resurrection, recompense of their good and bad deeds, Paradise and Hell, etc.).

5. They are on (true) guidance from their Lord, and they are the successful.

6. Verily, those who disbelieve, it is the same to them whether you (O Muhammad Peace be upon him ) warn them or do not warn them, they will not believe.

7. Allah has set a seal on their hearts and on their hearings, (i.e. they are closed from accepting Allah’s Guidance), and on their eyes there is a covering. Theirs will be a great torment.

So, after pronounce of the name of a prophet of old and new testaments a Muslim must say ‘Alaihi Wasallam’ i.e. peace be upon him.  But when some one dishonor the prophet of Islam  some of the big world leaders say about freedom of writing and creativity will be maintained! Fact is that when works of a writer like me or any big writer will hurt other citizens of a country who are followers of other creeds that may disturb peace in their mind what all must realize. If for any writing or work of any one, peace of the mind of a group is lost then big processions will not cause peace in their mind rather there will be fear. There must be slogans for peaceful living together of all the citizens of a country who profess different religions and cultures. Estema means gathering. So, above gatherings are also a type of Estema. I hope leaders will be  sincere enough to work for practical peace to make the world a good place to live for all human races of different colors, creeds, nationalities etc.

Now let us come back to Estema of Tabligue Zamat. Their purpose in the Akheri Munazat was sincere urge for lasting peace but for it they tell about spare of time, wealth and efforts. It means to learn and practice Islam one will have to come out from home for some time what will help them to be a good Muslim. They will have to spend their own money what is required for those days. Days are also specified i.e. in each month its members will be away from home for

three days, except it in each year they will have to spare 40 days time for the same purpose. In long leisure time, a member will have to spare three chilla i.e. 120 days for the same purpose. Then well to do members may go for foreign countries. Actually main aim of Tabligi Estema is management and co-ordination of above programs annually. However, in Bangladesh Kakrail mosque through out the year is managing this activities. As its programs is non political in nature, it is favorite to common peoples. So in the Doa of Estema there is no trace of politics of a country or world terrorist activities and no condition is uttered like world leaders for peace while they urge about world peace to Allah.

Most of the people of concluded Estema by this time are back to their homes, but from the Moidan many groups are moving to all over the Bangladesh to stay in the mosques for their teaching and learning mission of Islam. For few days they will stay in a mosque then will again move for a new mosque. They will follow their own teaching and learning program and with it they will also invite people of mosque area to attend their amal(deeds) in the mosque.

There are groups who will go to foreign countries too. There they will work over particularly immigrant Muslims and Muslims of that country. In the west Muslims are attracted by their materialistic cultures who are leading religion free life. It means in those countries many of the  inhabitants irrespective of colors and creeds loosely follow their own religions.

To them religious beliefs reached to the lowest levels for their materialistic philosophy. So, among he people of those countries churches and other religious place have little importance. So, called open life is increasing rapidly. Extra-marital dating, free living together, mono/homo-sex marriage, sodomy etc  practices are gaining popularity and taking wine or any other alcoholic drinks are not restricted. These are available everywhere. Though these are not approved by the  major religions of the world. Because any  prophets of the past including Moses, Jesus and last prophet Muhammad (PBUH) did not preach unethical life.

So, many of Muslims there are not save from such practices. That is why Tabligue Zamat work there over such Muslims to bring back to normal Islamic life. They call them to Mosque, the spiritual center for Muslims. There they talk about individuals temporal and eternal peace. As for the non Muslim their teaching is as the teaching of the Holy Quran.