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Stream of Working Women 2: Dr.Syed Md.Zainul Abedin

The morning of 21st September of 2015 experienced incessant rain.But,I had to go out for a piece of work.As a retired official I thought life stopped due to the heavy rain.But I was wrong.People of all ages rushed despite the torrential rain.Many children
were trying to get transports to go to their schools.Most of them were accompanied by their mothers.Some of the children wore rain coats while many were carrying umbrella.But,there were some unlucky few who had no umbrella and thus had no alternative to escape from drenching in rain.
There were many rickshaw pullers,auto rickshaws and buses to help the people to reach their destinations.The number of private cars were also quite high.A large number of people have acquired wealth and thus owned houses,flats and cars.It indicates that the economy of Bangladesh is flourishing.
As usual there are many types of vendors in the early morning though formal shops were still closed.They served breakfast to the moving people and earned a significant portion of their incomes.
My intent is telling the story of streaming working women once again.I strolled along the footpath and saw that many women were walking along the footpath and crossing the roads in groups.Most of them carried colorful umbrellas to protect them from the rain.
I saw them entering the garment factories hurriedly.They appeared quite happy as they had jobs.They can earn for feeding themselves and their families.They also support the entrepreneurs for running the garment factories and the government to run its economy.
I was wondering how the stream of working women contributed along the male counterparts and simultaneously maintained their families.This is true that women have to work more for the maintenance of families.
Garments sector of Bangladesh was the focus of world community due to unprecedented collapse of Rana Plaza and death of many garment workers.The number of injured and disabled workers were also quite large.Some families of affected garments workers were given financial support.But,the trauma of the accident still reminds everyone.The tragic event calls for better management of garments sector which should be accomplished by the garment factory owners,government,buyers and concerned international agencies.The world should consider properly how the poor garments workers of Bangladesh are dedicating their labor,energy,time and talent for supplying the clothing for the peoples of the world.

Stream of Working Women 1: Dr.Syed Md.Zainul Abedin

When you are strolling out in the morning you will find young women with canteen in their hands.This stream of working women will enter thousands of garments factories located in the major cities of Bangladesh.In the depth of night if you go out for any reason you will see the same stream coming back home or shabby slum after the day’s tedious work.They are paid very little,sometimes after months.
The establishment of garments sector in Bangladesh is a great blessing.Garments produced in these factories are exported to many developed countries of the world.This has generated employment for thousands of workers most of whom are women.The women workers contribute their best ability and talent for the functioning of this vital sector of Bangladesh.
Their wage,medical facilities,security from fire,disasters and debt should be given proper attention for the sake of humanity.Many garments workers lost their lives due to recent fire taken place in a number of garments factories.The selfless workers need to be assured of the safety and security in their work places.
There have been reports of sexual harassment of women workers in certain factories.Proper surveillance and intervention may stop such immoral activities.The government should take best possible measures to stop sexual harassment of the
garment workers.
Despite the low wage,lack of facilities and harassment the women enjoy their work in the garments factories.They know that work is honor.Many people support these women and protest any injustice to them.
Let’s salute the working stream of Bangladeshi women.They may be termed as the blood stream of the garment sector of Bangladesh.