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Good bye Sri Lanka: Syed Mohd. Saleh Uddin

(The Russian blamed to Irfan that the owner of Breeze Residence Mr. Ram or some one from his staffs has taken away more than 100 US$ from his room. I wondered how is it possible! by a nice behave man like Mr. Ram whose wife is a Bank official and whose father and mother are also nice men and who gave us all the facilities and finally arranged our airport drop. Though for his service Irfan paid him about 82500 Rupee (

However,I took that to be a guess only of that Rus family but I do not find answer how 5000 Rupee from Irfan’s custody and 5000 Rupee from Fatema’s bag is stolen from the room though no outsiders entered there!

So, on discussing with other people of the area it is known very gentle residence owner too are doing such crime because they know tourists will not go to the police as they have less time and they will not be able to prove it! I hope police will investigate and look into such crime for the honor of Sri-Lanka and to ensure practical sincereity of the residence owner.

I hope tourists will also try to find actual honest residence owners.In my few previous posts I talked high about Breeze Residence and Mr. Ram. If by this some one faced monetary loss, I am sorry. Mr. Ram’s external behaviour inspired me to advertised for him. I hope one day his external and internal will be the same and not a single person will be cheated by him.)

In Sri Lanka we spent more than two weeks. During this long period we have visited many areas of the land including Sri-Pada the landing place of Hazrat Adam (PBUH).

This is the sacred place for the followers of all the major religions of the world. It was believed to be it was the highest mountain peak in the earth. It may be true, in case of the green peak where foods for survival were also available and climate for human survival was present. In the other hand we know now, the Everest in the Himalayan mountain range is the highest peak. There is no doubt in it. But climate there for human survival is hostile and there is no food for human consumption.

However, I like to share with you my experiences of my Sri-Lanka visit. As a matter of fact in such a long visit there are always sweet and bitter experiences. Ours have no difference. There was a Russian family in our residence with whom Irfan talked. Once they came to Irfan and expressed their sorrow of losing more than one hundred dollar. Such may happen when one is not alert. So, while visiting any foreign country one should always be vigilant or various problems may arise. However, by the by he told their money is taken by some one from the residence. I doubt in it because the staff host residences employ must also be sincere. Though I do not know what actually happened whether they lost that some where in the beach or any one stolen that from the residence.

In my previous writings, I told you, in general Sri-Lankan are very nice men. In the bus, train and other public places they do not talk much. I heard about no pick pocket and hijack case. Here polices are very helping. Though most of the Sri-Lankan do not understand English and other languages yet some how or other they helped me finding my station in the bus and train and my abode while I was walking alone in search of that even by night.

As for example once I came from Colombo by train but I got no Kodapadu bound bus in the Negombo bus station. Police helped me by telling to go to the crossing for a Tuk Tuk. He did not take extra interest about me and I feel they never take any extra interest about a foreigner. So, foreigners there are not unnecessarily harassed by them.

However, I went to the road crossing and a Tuk Tuk driver was calling me. By this time a drunken man came and in Hindi he was talking with me and was guiding me about my destination. He took me to be an Indian.

By the by he informed me that while he was in a middle eastern country he had Indian and Bangladeshi friends. However, a drunken person could guess me to be a foreigner but most of the Lankan feel a Bangladeshi as Lankan till they talk and find him speaking Bengali. Its main reason is, people of both the countries look alike.

In Sri-Lanka what is odd looking for me was that there are many wine shops and every one can purchase any alcoholic drink from there. However, it is their culture and it should not be my concern.

Here best problem about Lankan’s is; since many of them are dealing with tourists they some times give priority of their interest only. What happened with us was as follows:

a) After landing in Sri-Lanka without knowing nicely we have given worth Rupee 10,000 equivalent in Euro to a great Doctor (we do not like to mention his name because he will not like it, we hope in future he will give priority to honesty) who was searching boarder in the airport. This we did to hire his residence in advance though we told him final decision will be taken later on and what he admitted. As the Doctor’s house was in Colombo (6 or 11) and far away from the beach and his residence was costly due to our low budget we decided to take a residence at Negombo at low cost but the Doctor did not pay us back the advanced money. So, our advise to the potential travelers is that they should pay in advance after taking final decision or before boarding only. Otherwise, You may not get your money back. This is what happened in our case.

b) During traveling towards Sri Pada ie Adam’ Peak in the Hatton station we missed the bus for our own mistake. So, we paid Rupee 5200 for a micro bus including parking charge in a parking area. If we would get bus we would require Rupee 100 or bit more per person. So, our advice, one should do right thing in a right time otherwise one may even miss aircraft. This is also happened in case of the crazy traveler Irfan. Once he was visiting Venice from Paris. During his return he reached the Venice airport well in advance. But he thought, “Let me try to sleep because the aircraft will fly at about 5 ‘o clock in the morning.” But when he got up the airplane had already taken off. So, he had to purchase a new ticket and returned to Paris.

c)As we missed the bus, we had to change dollars in Hatton for extra money. But the rate was very less. So, our advise, one should change money while in Sri-Lanka either in Colombo or Negombo from appropriate place by judging proper rate.

d) Our other loss was after the money change when we counted money later, we got no trace of Rupee 5000. Still, we do not know, whose fault was this. So, our advice is after all the transactions in a foreign country we should be sincere enough to count. Mere faith on a person is not enough and we should not do hurry at any case.

e) In the way many Lankan may try to talk with you. Our advice, be friendly with them and honor their warm activities. They will help you to know the Sri-Lanka more as Tuk Tuk driver Nausad, bus passenger Wasim, an unknown airman of Sri-Lankan Airforce, a police inspector of Sri- Lankan Police, Eros a train Passenger and many other tried to help me by giving various information.

f) However, many things you will like and others you may not like. As now I am writing good about Breeze Residence and about Mr. Ram for his nice dealings with boarders and receiving reasonable charge but I could also write good about the Residence of honorable Doctor. However, my pen is not helping me for his selfish like manner. He has given priority to Rupee about 10,000 not sincerity and Irfan’s blind faith on him.

Insha Allah we will take off for our motherland by a Lankan Airliner on 2nd, February, 2017. Good bye Sri-Lanka and its good people. I shall remember this memorable visit for a long time.