Monthly Archives: April 2020


Do you remember the tough time of the island,

Where crisis was regular feature of everyday?

How the sea turned rough and kept us frightened,

How the sky looked gloomy like the doomsday?

Paradigm has been shifted to everywhere now,

Strange curse has seized most human habitation.

Happiness has flown away from the ship’s prow,

Skilled sailors shed tears in severe frustration.

Despite such fearful state we braved journey

Along the waterway with a gorgeous boat.

We enjoyed green mangrove and dolphin spree,

We were amazed to see fishermen float.

Once saw waterspout on a cloudy afternoon,

It spiraled to the sky when tornado was roaring.

The night sky was once illuminated by lovely moon,

Once rainbow colored the sky while it was raining.

Can you recall how excited we became seeing the hill,

After crossing the violent sea in a ragged vessel  ?

Do you wonder how all friends retained zeal ,

While singing along moonlit glade without any hassle?

I’m worried now, what to do at this suffocating time.

The wheel of life is about to stop at any moment.

But sitting like a statue will be treated as a crime.

Hence let’s approach wise people for comment.

Love Story

Rain drops playing with lemon leaves,

Little lemon tree sway in the gusty wind.

Lovely lime butterfly feeling very jealous.

Why strange villains together conspired!

The butterfly flies around in great anger,

Losing her love she began to flutter in pain.

She could foresee the impending danger,

She must be ready for fighting to regain.

Frolicking wind and rain drops saw a rose

And rushed to it for playing game of love.

The amorous flower embraced them close,

She was very happy to find dream dove.

Surprised beauty could not think of such end,

She danced with joy with her lifelong friend.


Keeping ventilator in the home is not enough,
For it allows flow of air only in the room.
When a person struggles for breathing,
He may be gripped by dread of doom.

A doctor or nurse can comfort the patient
With a medical ventilator at this stage.
This device may be quite sufficient
If the person is blessed regardless of age.

But everyone is not fortunate during pandemic.
Doctor has to decide to disconnect the device.
The nurse has to comply despite quite traumatic,
The health worker may feel guilty of vice.

Besides these two types of life saving tools,
Another ventilator may have invisible presence.
This is not tangible,but may be felt even by fools.
This ventilates humanity in the name of conscience.

At this juncture of civilization hypocrites flourish,
Let’s invite divine force to rush and punish.


Heaps of papers were gathered there
I will write an epic with care
I am gleaning stories of life
The epic will be fine and fair

Heaps of papers were trimmed with knife
Events will be penned to play the best fife
I am screening the meaningful cases
For depicting social and family strife

Heaps of papers await with infinite pages
Their agonies magnified through ages
They are always ready to record all
They hate rotting in confined cages

Heaps of papers,however, cannot troll
They give honor to people,big or small
So,they allow more time for my epic
They believe I will respond to their call

Heaps of papers are unhappy in my attic
But my mood tends to be static
I must strive to be charismatic
So I should be sincere and systematic

The Divine Wrath

Every moment brings message of death.
The world is facing The Divine Wrath.

But have patience my sweet friend,
The Divine Wrath will hopefully end.

The people will be free from lock down.
Sounds of smile will fill our town.

Our children will play in the park.
We will ply in lake in a safe ark.

Have a pleasant time in prayer.
Enjoy your Birthday with due care.