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A Heart is like a bird : Syed Mohd. Saleh Uddin

DSC06968Jatiyo Sangshad Bhaban, or the National Parliament Building of Bangladesh, located at Dhaka, Bangladesh. It was designed by Architect Louis Kahn (Courtesy:”Jatiyo Sangshad Bhaban (Roehl)” by Karl Ernst Roehl (ke.roehl AT – Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons –

A Heart is like a bird

It was 17 January 2015. I got Tongi bound 27 number bus from Subhan Bagh. It was my birth place. So, my mind started flying. It is such bird that does not follow the law of time. It can fly back to the past and none can stop it to fly to any future even to the world to come. It flies in its own ways and styles.

When I could understand the beauty of nature all around there plain or low land charmed me. I walked down the shallow land full of marsh land’s ‘Buru’ fields. At that time such rice plants could grow up with the rise of flood water. So, their leaves top could be seen fluttering in wild breeze during flood time. It was the story of 60 years ago. Now with the rise of high rise building this Eco-system is unimaginable in Dhaka.

However, our bus turned right near Asad Gate and was moving towards Farm gate. In due time our bus crossed the ‘Sangsad Bhaban’ (National assembly Bhaban). In front of it there are flower gardens. There are beds of various seasonal flowers nicely maintained. There are also big palm trees which were imported from a foreign country for beautification. Then our bus crossed the Khejor bagan (date palm garden).

In our boyhood these places were there. But not like today. Under the Sangsad Bhaban there was Dhaka Farm Primary School. I was a student of that school. Near the Khejor bagan there was a shed for rice research plantation. In between the shade and our school there was low land where marshy land various types of rice were planted for research. Nearby in the highland there were agriculture related offices and quarters for the officers and staffs. A long red British Govt. constructed building was the office of my father. It was the office of East Pakistan Government veterinary department. Now all these are only written in the history of ‘Mahakal’ i.e. unending time. All those were replaced by our glorious ‘Sangsad Bhaban’. Its construction works were started during Pakistan period  about 60 years ago. In Bangladesh period time to time it was more beautified.

Our bus was moving .It crossed ‘Khamar Bari’ the agriculture departmental head quarters of the Bangladesh Government. In my boyhood it was honey research center. Then Government spared the area for Khamar Bari. This name is very important to poet agriculturist Dr. Syed Zainul Abedin because he wrote the a  poem entitled ‘Khamarbari’ in the spirit of the Freedom War of Bangladesh.Later the concerned authority of the Government  selected  the name for the building in which the headquarters of Department of Agricultural Extension and a number of other offices are located.. Besides,  most of the district head offices of agriculture department are also named the same. In front of the Khamar Bari now there is Islamia Eye Hospital. It was established by Dr. T. Ahmed. His son Flt. Lt. Alauddin of PAF was a martyr of 1965 war between India and Pakistan.

In my school life including this Hospital area till Farm Gate there was a big Horticulture garden of the agriculture department of the government. Now that portion is a park. While our bus was crossing it I saw a big pandal of Ursh (a type of sufi congregation) of Kutubbaghi. In Bangladesh now there are also ursh (of Sufi school) of Dewanbaghi, Saiadabadi, Rajarbaghi, Aatrashi, Charmonie, Maijh bhandari, al- azhari etc. I had a chance to talk with  chair person of ‘Peer Mashaikh Party’ Salauddin Gazi on many occasions. According to his discussion, one can purify his soul by various practices of Sufism.

However, fundamentalists say about them, if Sufism within the boundary of Islami Sharia then there is no harm in practicing this. But it is seen in Bangladesh few schools of Sufi ignore obligatory rituals. To the fundamentalist leaders such groups cannot claim themselves Muslim because they do not recognize obligatory Salat, Siam, Hajj etc as Farj rituals. In the Islamic history there are names of many Muslim Sufi. Persian poet Rumy, Arab poet Ibnul Arabi and woman mystic Rabya Bashri are very famous for their Sophist activities. Sufi Monsur Hallaz may also be named. He for his non fundamentalist activity was sentenced to death by the court.

In conclusion I like to say Hakkani Sufis follow Islam properly and in addition they meditate for the purification of the heart according to the instruction of their Peer-Masaikh(Spritual teachers).

A Sufi Philosopher Ibn ul-Qayyim said:

“In its travel to Allah, a heart is like a bird: love is its head, and fear and hope are its two wings. If the head and wings are in good condition, the bird flies well. If the head is removed, the bird dies. And if the wings are lost, the bird becomes defenceless before hunters and predators.” (courtesy: al-Jabaly’s work)

Our bus crossed Farm Gate and was proceeding towards Tongi. In the Bus there were few people who were going to Estema. The second time Estema was going on. Fact is Hakkani Peer- Masaikh and Tabligi Ameer all teach their followers about Tawhid and the ways of purification and salvation of souls which is possible by love and fear of Allah and also by hope for the best in the next world.