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Agriculturists Without Borders (AWB): A Humanitarian Concept-Dr.Syed Md.Zainul Abedin

The humans needs food,fiber and fuel  for their own survival and maintenance .They need  feed and fodder for the management of their domestic animals,fish and pets.Farmers used to  grow these stuff and serve the humanity from time immemorial.They learned through trial and error process how to grow necessary things and manage farming more efficiently.Thus the   specialist group of growers  called ‘agriculturist’ was created.

As the demand for food,feed,fodder,fiber  and fuel increased with the increase of  population coupled with the increase of  complexity in farming practices the use of scientific knowledge became indispensable.Hence techniques of agricultural production started  in educational establishments and research centers.The scholars and scientists who worked to investigate into the secrets of production and management with the help of farmers became experts and were termed ‘Agriculturists’.

Most countries of the world have now agricultural universities and colleges to make graduates in agricultural sciences who are identified as  ‘Agriculturists’.They serve in research centers,universities,colleges,farms,supply chains,various types of government,non-government  and  international offices.They serve there for earning their living in exchange of their expertise.

The experts in agriculture also love to devote themselves for serving people in crises caused by natural disasters like flood,hurricane,typhoon,drought,earth quake,land slide and other calamities.They work to prevent famines and recover from famines through various measures.These group of Agriculturists often works within national boundaries But,they need to work beyond national boundaries too since catastrophes are not limited within national boundaries.The  Agriculturists who actively participate to serve the people in crises and peace are ‘Agriculturists Without Borders (AWB)’.

Time has come to conceptualize, consolidate  and institutionalize the roles and responsibilities of  ‘Agriculturists Without Borders (AWB)’.I invite valuable opinions of all concerned on how an  international humanitarian organization  with the title of  ‘Agriculturists Without Borders (AWB)’  may be  managed effectively.


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