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Bangladesh celebrates the National Agriculturists' Day on the 13th February,2012

Bangladesh is an agricultural economy.Agriculture supports its major income,employment and vital activities.Agriculturists who are graduates from agricultural universities or faculties play major role in the development of Bangladesh.The national association of agricultural graduates,Krishibid Institution,Bangladesh has organized various activities to review the achievements of the agricultural graduates and strengthen the contributions of the graduates for the development of Bangladesh.All agricultural agencies of Bangladesh are observing this day and taking vow for development Bangladesh.Graduates working in various government and non -government agencies,universities and private sectors are taking part in the festivites of the day.
The agricultural sector of Bangladesh is composed of crops,livestock,fisheries and forestry.Ministries of Agriculture,Livestock,Fisheries and Forestry of the government administration are mainly manned by the agricultural graduates.Besides,many banks,specialised agencies and NGOs hire Agricultural graduates for their programmes.
The website of Krishibid Institution,Bangladesh is reflects the activities of the agriculturist community of Bangladesh.You are invited to visit the website and see the achievements of the Agriculturists working in various organizations of Bangladesh.