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Animal Lover : A Poem by Dr.Syed Md. Zainul Abedin

Four cats took refuge in the shadow

Crows cawed from ground and trees

Heatwave hurts like poisonous arrow

Sun sucked water of rivers and seas


People are frightened of sunstroke

They avoid going out of their homes

World seems to be covered by smoke

All animals try to hide under domes


A strange thing happened suddenly

A youth came there from nowhere

He put some foods for the cat family

His eyes showed compassion and care



The cats started to eat the tasty food

They looked very pleased by the favor

The youth was very friendly and good

He was seen as a perfect cat lover


He waited until they finished eating

Some foods remained in the hamper

He looked at the crows in the meeting

He wished to show better temper


He made small balls with them

And threw them here and there

Crows enjoyed food gathering game

They were happy with their share



Cats and crows are friends of mankind

The youth displayed his gracious mind