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Aviation regulatory bodies and CAAB:Syed Mohd. Saleh Uddin

Aviation regulatory bodies and CAAB

Syed Mohd. Saleh Uddin


International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) is a body of the United Nations Organization. It is the body which controls Civil Aviation Authority worldwide including FAA, EASA, CAAB etc. CAAB is the Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh. It regulates all of the Aviation related activities of the land. It is the National Aviation Authority operating under the Ministry of Civil Aviation and Tourism. It operates all the 9 operational airports (three international and six domestic). It is the member of the ICAO. Its HQs is in Kurmitola. It has signed bilateral transport agreement with 43 countries. In Pakistan Period it was Department of Civil Aviation of Pakistan (DCA). Established in 1947. Its function was Management and operation of Civil Aviation in East Pakistan. Under it Airport Development Authority (formed 1965) was working. It was a limited company which constructed Airports and Aerodromes. For DCA it performed all required Electrical & Mechanical Engineering works.

DCA of Bangladesh formed after liberation of 1971. Its functions were as above DCA. Then also ADA was working. In 1982 both the organisations merged together to form a compact organization named Civil Aviation Authority by vide ordinance no xxvii of 1982 titled Civil Aviation  authority ordinance, 1982 promulgated by the Government of Bangladesh. This was vested with more power about the organisation management. The Government reserved financial management. In 1985 present CAAB was established with both managerial and financial power vide ordinance, 1985 (replaced ord. Of 1982).

Aeronautical personnel like Pilots, Engineers, and Instructors etc have to take different type of licences from CAAB. Student Pilots who are undergoing pilots’ training in the Flying Academy of Bangladesh, Arirang Flying Academy, Galaxy Flying Academy, TAC Aero- nautical Academy etc may compete for PPL & CPL under CAAB after 50 or 100 hrs of flying respectively. For Engineers Military Institute of Science and Technology (MIST) and Aeronautical Institute of Bangladesh (AIB) are CAAB approved institutes. Following all of the formalities and fulfilling conditions, their students also able to take part in the licence examinations of CAAB. Followings are the Engineering licences awarded by the CAAB.

1.      CAAB awards cat A licence for Airframe (general maintenance),

2.      CAAB awards cat B licence for Airframe (overhaul),

3.      CAAB awards cat C licence for Engine (general maintenance),

4.      CAAB awards cat D licence for Engine (overhaul),

5.      CAAB awards cat E licence for Electrical,

6.      CAAB awards cat I licence for Instrument,

7.      CAAB awards cat R licence for Radio etc.


Above licences are issued by all ICAO approved agencies as Civil Aviation Authority of any country like FAA (USA) and CAA (present EASA in Europe) where also any one from any country may try for licence. There is no bar for Bangladeshi students to try their licence exams except specified conditions. It means educational qualification, aeronautical job experience, medical status, ability to pay specified exam fees (which is modified time to time according to the policy of individual agency) etc requirements.