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Bangladesh : Fertile Land of Freelancing By Syed Ahmed Zaki and Dr.Syed Md. Zainul Abedin

Thousands of  youths   arrived from  across the whole country to learn about new opportunities at the Digital World Summit held during 6-8 December 2012 at the Bangabandhu International Conference Centre (BICC)located in Dhaka,the capital of Bangladesh.The summit incorporated many events that might  help all classes of people interested in digital technologies.The  events of the summit were based on the following agenda.

Agenda of Digital World 2012:

  1. Growing Regional Business Opportunities
  2. Role of the IT Industry (Software, IT enable service, Hardware, Network & Free lancing/Outsourcing) in Sustainable Development
  3. Revenues from telecommunications to shift from voice to data
  4. The Field of Influence of Mobility to Expand
  5. Mobility, Also the Driving Force in the Health Industry
  6. Tendering Period for Emergency Communication system to Start
  7. Examination of Banking with Technology in Bangladesh
  8. Social Media to be Included to Business Processes
  9. How to transform Into a Smart City with digital lifestyle
  10. Cyber Crimes/Security
  11. Bangladesh – competitive IT Industry
  12. Matchmaking/twinning meetings
  13. Software as Craft


Among all the agenda freelancing was found as one of the most attractive subjects favored by the youths.

The second day of  the summit, 7 December,2012 was specially earmarked for the events on freelancing though events of the first day  also considered this issue as deemed necessary.

We attended the workshop entitled,”Freelance Outsourcing:Future Ahead” held in Carnival Hall of Bangabandhu International Conference Centre (BICC) during 10.00am-12 noon on 7 December,2012.The excitement and enthusiasm

of the innumerable youths turned the hall as a place of festival. There were no room left   in the hall.There were females,males,young and old – all were eager to hear from the high officials of the  renowned freelancing companies

of the world.

The workshop began when high officials from world renowned freelancing companies,dignitaries and organizers took their seats on the  spacious dais.The high officials of freelancing companies were Matt Cooper,Vice President of Operations,,Kjetil J.Olsen,Vice President(Europe),,David Harrison,Vice President of Engineering, and Jesson Sev Hoy,Chief Operating Officer,99

Architect Yafes Osman, Hon’ble State Minister for Science and Information & Communication Technology, Govt. of People’s Republic of Bangladesh and  Sajeeb Ahmed Wazed Joy,ICT Specialist also graced the workshop.

Fahim Mashroor,President,Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services(BASIS) acted as the facilitator of the workshop with talented manner.

The high officials of the world renowned freelancing companies presented precious information about the participation

of Bangladeshi freelancers and income earned by them.They expressed their satisfaction over the quality of work of Bangladeshi freelancers and advised them to improve their efficiency through constant efforts.They hoped to expand their activities in Bangladesh considering the potential and opportunities prevailing in this country.

Architect Yafes Osman, Hon’ble State Minister for Science and Information & Communication Technology, Govt. of People’s Republic of Bangladesh presented a pleasant rhyme(sora) encouraging the youths of Bangladesh in the digital arena referring the scaling of The Everest by two female and two male male youths of Bangladesh recently.

Sajeeb Ahmed Wazed Joy, ICT Specialist highly praised the performance of Bangladeshi freelancers.He described the support of the Govt. of People’s Republic of Bangladesh in facilitating employment of youths through digital activities like freelancing,arranging remittance of money as payments through paypal and other payment options and enhancing connectivity of internet.

Many youths attending the  workshop raised pertinent questions and problems related to freelancing connectivity and payments.Officials of the freelancing companies,Sajeeb Ahmed Wazed  Joy and Fahim Mashroor replied to their questions

and hoped that the all  problems will be solved in phases.

Finally,the workshop was concluded with the enhanced enthusiasm of transforming Bangladesh as the Fertile Land of Freelancing.