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Bangladesh Hosts Digital World 2012 , Bangladesh during December 6-8, 2012 By Dr.Syed Md.Zainul Abedin


Bangladesh will host Digital World 2012 , Bangladesh during December 6-8, 2012, in Bangabndhu International Conference Centre (BICC).

This is a continuation of efforts of Bangladesh to keep pace with the developments of ICT in the world.The event will be inaugurated by Sheikh Hasina, Hon’ble Prime Minister of the Government of the Peoples’ Republic of Bangladesh.It may be mentioned that Sheikh Hasina personally

patronizes the development of ICT in Bangladesh and she has adopted the programme of Digital Bangladesh as one of the major developmental strategies of her government.The theme or slogan of this event has been chosen as Knowledge to Prosperity.

The details of the event is being published through the website, under the patronization of the Government

of Bangladesh.

I am presenting some relevant information to make aware the people around the world about the important summit on ICT which will be participated by all stakeholders of this sector.I am disseminating the information from the website, as this is the most genuine source.I acknowledge the source for disseminating the information to the interested peoples of Bangladesh and the rest of the world.

Focus & Agenda

Focus of Digital World 2012

Digital World 2012 will focus on 6 main tracks.

Digital Entrepreneurship– A series of interactive discussions for ICT business managers and entrepreneurs aimed at presenting trends, challenges, and opportunities for on-line entrepreneurship, showcasing success stories from the region. This year’s hot topics include gaming and mobile, on-line payments, digital advertising, and venture capital.

Digital Technology 4 Transparency– A forum for civil society and tech sector representatives to analyze solutions and initiatives on promoting government transparency and accountability though ICT in activities related to watchdog and awareness rising led by the civil society.

Smart Society & Digital lifestyle– A forum for Bangladeshi business and government leaders and invited international experts to discuss Bangladesh’s vision and plan for ICT-enabled economic growth and government efficiency, as well as learn about upcoming development challenges for the Bangladesh ICT industry both at home and abroad.

Digital Technology 4 Capacity Building

  • Education:Tackling the role and importance of education for knowledge economy and smart society, technological revolution impact on education, key issues and possible solutions, talent pipeline from school to continuous education, importance of collaboration of all stakeholders (government, industry, and academia).
  • Training: Knowing the cases of gaps between academic & industry portfolio, bridging information & acquaintances across all professional human resource & building specific training prospectus for thrust sectors which are enabler to digital economy.

Digital Technology 4 Business– Targeted presentations by IT companies for non-IT businesses that showcasing the IT services and solutions to demonstrate how they can boost productivity and efficiency and help businesses to grow.

Intelligent IT Investment for GovernmentSeries of presentations and discussions on how the Government IT related procurement should be addressed and financed.

Agenda of Digital World 2012:

  1. Growing Regional Business Opportunities
  2. Role of the IT Industry (Software, IT enable service, Hardware, Network & Free lancing/Outsourcing) in Sustainable Development
  3. Revenues from telecommunications to shift from voice to data
  4. The Field of Influence of Mobility to Expand
  5. Mobility, Also the Driving Force in the Health Industry
  6. Tendering Period for Emergency Communication system to Start
  7. Examination of Banking with Technology in Bangladesh
  8. Social Media to be Included to Business Processes
  9. How to transform Into a Smart City with digital lifestyle
  10. Cyber Crimes/Security
  11. Bangladesh – competitive IT Industry
  12. Matchmaking/twinning meetings
  13. Software as Craft


Digital World 2012 Highlights

The spectacular 3 day summit Digital World 2012 will be focusing on knowledge to prosperity.

Digital World 2012 will feature:

  • Our honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will inaugurate Digital World 2012 on 6th December, 2012 along with many national & international personalities, high-profile speakers, business delegates, etc.
  • Internationally recognized thinkers, speakers from government, industry & academia will be participating in important plenary & technical session, workshop, seminar, etc to discuss & share their views on: the role of the IT industry in sustainable development, digital lifestyle & smart society, reflection of technology in our Education, Governance, Healthcare, Business Processes & so on.
  • Three significant concepts are brought down for the Thematic Conference for example: entrepreneurship, freelancing & cloud camp.
  • A full-fledged Exhibition, (zone wise) will be simultaneously running for three days right after the inauguration. Many International & National companies will be showcasing their products on ICT innovations, state of art technologies, etc.
  • Digital World 2012 is inviting internationally recognized speakers, freelancers, specialists. This will certainly be a place to meet the Visionary.
  • Digital World 2012 Awards have been instituted with the primary aim of felicitating & acknowledging unique & innovative initiatives in the use of ICT for development. These awards will be instrumental in promoting the most pioneering initiatives to improve socio-economic conditions of individuals, communities & enterprises.
  • B2B Meetings are a quick and easy way to meet potential cooperation partners. Digital World 2012 will provide a platform for both National & International business forums to communicate & collaborate. There will bilateral & multilateral meetings between the trade visitors & national /local companies.
  • A Nationwide Campaign (road shows, campaign, press conference, etc) concerning the information communication technology will take place to aware the citizen of the country, largely focusing the young age group.
  • A publication will be officially launched based on Sector & Issue based Research & Study in the summit. Anticipated projects are: Study on e-service, Challenges of ITES in Bangladesh and its present position in export earning, A detail study on Freelancer, etc.
  • On 6th December, 2012 Gala Night will be held for invited guests.
  • After the successful completion of three day conference, Digital World 2012 will end with an exclusive Closing Ceremony on 8th December, 2012.

Outline of Digital World 2012

Digital World 2012

A quick peek The extraordinary ICT event, Digital World 2012 will be inaugurated by our honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on 6th December 2012 & will continue till 8th of December 2012. Right after the inauguration all the programs, exhibition corner will be open. Conference, Seminar & Workshop will be simultaneously running for three days.

Exhibition Expo lounge has been divided into several zones. It will be divided into 5 zones to showcase different initiatives, projects & products of national & international level companies, in the exhibition corner. There will be a special zone dedicate for the school/college students to present the use of digital technology in their day to day struggling life. And a separate pavilion will be installed to pervade Bangladeshi culture & heritage. The 5 zones are:
  • ICT for Development
  • e-Gov
  • Capacity Building
  • Outsourcing Company
  • Hardware
Seminar, Workshops & Roundtable These will be based on the focus & agenda of the event. A number of workshop, seminar and roundtable will held for registered & limited participants. Several international & national speakers, expert will share their expertise, experience with the participants. This gathering will help change the mindset, outlook of the attendees & will be a perfect place of exchanging future plans & policies for the digitization of the country.

There will be thematic conferences on the following agenda:

Digital Entrepreneurship conference The visibility of emerging digital entrepreneurs in our country has initiated with the idea of the conference. There will be two separate sessions where the potential, prospect, opportunities & challenges of digital initiatives will be discussed by national & international specialists.
Gala Night Digital World 2012 will recognize important national digital initiatives in this night. Special guests will be invited for the Gala Night.
Freelancer conference: A daylong event for the national & international freelancers will be held in the event to popularize & to make effective use of the immense potential of the freelancing sector. Top freelancers, individuals, academy principles will be invited to mentor the domestic freelancers. The conference has been divided into three segments.
Business Matchmaking Program Apart from the seminar, workshop & conference, there will be business matchmaking program (B2B) between domestic & international companies. Numerous trade visitors will be invited for the event. Bilateral & multilateral meetings will be organized between national & international business entities. This initiative will help create a strong network & market for Bangladesh, internationally. Measures will be taken to sign at least 10 agreements/ MoU’s between domestic & international organizations.
Meet the Visionary Meet the Visionary will be a gathering of University students with the Visionaries. With this session, students will be positively motivated & inspired from the visionaries.
Closing Ceremony After the successful completion of the 3 day conference Digital World 2012 will end with an astounding Closing Ceremony on 8th December, 2012 which will consists of a summery of the event, publication release, speech, buffet dinner etc.

Event chart

Venue of  Digital World 2012  Bangladesh

BICC, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Bangabondhu International Conference Centre [BICC], the only International Convention Centre in Bangladesh is set to host the program Digital World 2012 that calls for a massive interaction of visitors. The exceptional venue is situated in the heart of Dhaka City, the capital of Bangladesh. Its reputation for adaptability and superior services is unrivaled. The whole convention centre is booked for 3 days event. Built with the demand reflected in its unique architectural philosophy BICC excels in anything and everything at par with world class. BICC ensures highly professional services delivered by committed team of experts. BICC provides multiple venue configurations to fit in conventions and events in terms of size, volume and attendance.