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Bird,Bee and Butterfly are Great Friends of Mankind – By Dr. Syed Zainul Abedin

Bird,Bee and Butterfly are common animals that may be seen around the human habitat.
We usually do not consider how these animals contribute meaning to our lives.
If we think about their contributions we will be surprised to calculate the value in
finacial terms.
The most important contributions of bird,bee and butterfly are their relentless role in maintaining the
environment healthy and beautiful for the humans and themselves.
They provide aesthetic beauty to our nature by their beauteous presence.The chirping of birds and the hums of bees are
amusing for us all.
Bird,Bee and Butterfly are real friends of mankind.Let us keep them safe for the safety of mankind and the earth.
Enjoy the following video to see the value of them in our lives.The video was made by New England Wild Flower Society.
This plant conservation society of New England takes care of birds,bees and butterflies as a component of their conservation programs.