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Broken Heart – By Syed Zainul Abedin

The boy walks home with his bare feet.

His head is down as he moves bit by bit.

He went to a sacred place to say his prayer.

He did not know what he would get there.

He said his prayer in the best manner.

He thought all his life would be better.

He finished his prayer with earnest tears,

Then he hoped to go home with his peers.

When he reached the spot of the sacred place,

The boy failed to find the shoes or their trace.

He felt very bad as he lost a precious thing of own,

He bought the pair for the festival coming soon.

He was at a loss, what he would do then.

He headed towards home with his men.

Pebbles and rough road hurt him much,

He was so emotional, that nothing could touch.

His peers comforted him again and again,

Nothing could stop his internal pain.

Tears swelled up his eyes like flash flood,

Broken glass caused bare feet to spurt blood.

Somebody stole his new shoes in a short time,

He has fled away with them committing crime.

The boy weeps as he walks slowly with peers,

His broken heart is flooded with nonstop tears.