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Cabin crews 35000 feet above the Sea level : Syed Mohd. Saleh Uddin

(The writer is an Ex CI of College of Aviation Technology and National Institute of Engineering and Technology in Bangladesh who taught in Aerospace Engineering and also Cabin crew courses)

On 5th September 2014 in my Jeddah bound flight I got cabin crew Shehan an Egyptian on duty near an emergency door what was adjacent to my seat also. On 14th October in my return flight I was a passenger in the upper deck. Here an Indonesian and an Arab cabin crews were on duty. In both the cases aircraft was Boeing 747 of Saudia. It is a big aircraft. Generally it flies with more than 400 passengers. In such big air craft cabin crews are very important persons. They play vital roles for the comfort of the passengers and safety of the passengers of the aircraft in emergency. In this article I shall discuss some of their duties while they are in the air, in addition I like to give few tips what a potential cabin crew or serving cabin crews have to know.

There are many airliners worldwide. So, thousands of cabin crews are working there. Still many such jobs are vacant worldwide. Every year among the interested suitable candidates few get this lucrative job. In no case employers select sub-standard one. At present there are many institutes in the developed countries that impart cabin crew training. In Bangladesh including CATECH many other institutes have this course. It is worth mentioning here that if anyone is not fit physically to fly he will never get such job. To become a cabin crew training is not essential but may be an advantage. Here I like to say, I asked Shehan whether she had any training before getting the job. She told no training she got before but after selection airliners given her training. Same case is with many Arab and non Arab cabin crews who are serving in the Saudia. It is ill luck for me, I found no Bangladeshi in my to and fro flights. It does not mean that there is no Bangladeshi cabin crew in Saudia.

However, those who are interested to become a cabin crew they may do a course in such an institute that actually teaches. Few institutes are just interested to issue a certificate teaching nothing but showing few practical movies in power point again and again. A cabin crew must have idea about many materials and matters about aircraft, airliners, air navigation, airport, controlling authorities, hospitality in the air etc. However, if course is not done then also one may apply. If you have required qualities employer may select you and will give you required training. If you are interested don’t hesitate to apply whether you have training or not when you get advertisement. Remember if you get chance to become a cabin crew, you may get chance to fly 35000 ft above the sea level or any level in the aero-space. I wish the best of your luck.

Lastly, I like to conclude the article telling you few duties of a cabin crews. It is not that tough. It is like family duties to other members of the family. Such as serving foods and drinks, take care about the comfort of the passengers as distributing blanket etc, guiding passengers to fasten seat belt and open and how to use toilets. All the cabin crews are taught what to do during emergency, how to deal with panic passengers, how passengers should be taken out from the aircraft during crash landing, how passengers will use oxygen musk, survival kits etc. For aircraft safety they have some duties. They will have to maintain intercom contact immediately with the captain in such case. After successful crash landing in the sea they have to work to keep the moral up of the wounded and other who are alive till their rescue. However, I wish to almighty Allah let there be no misshapen and no air disaster! Let all the flights be as smooth as silk!