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Change Agents: A Story by Dr.Syed Md.Zainul Abedin

The world is set to change.There are many change agents around us.They have various names.Think tanks,reformers,philanthropists,intellectuals,philosophers,writers,politicians and  numerous other names are there to introduce the change agents.

The change agents have special ways to approach their clients or target audience.They are good psychologists.They screw into the hearts of their audience like magic.Nothing stops them to reach their goal.

I went to a place last evening to see a gathering of thousands of people.They gathered there to get justice.Unfortunately they were deceived year after year.Their minimum right was not granted.They were seriously frustrated and the outburst of their agony compelled them to gather on the square of the road.They felt that,justice delayed meant justice denied.They chanted slogans ,displayed banners,posters,festoons and lit candles in favor of their demands.They also performed dramas,sang songs and presented dances reflecting their demands and aspirations.


The gathering stopped the traffic and it grew like flood drawing people from all parts of the city.It was really a passionate gathering.The faces of the people showed unlimited agony and anger.They were very aggrieved for being  denied justice.

My eyes were focused on the lofty stage built for addressing the audience and performing various events.I saw a number of individuals there.One anchor was introducing the speakers and the persons known as change agents took the microphone and spoke to the public in the audience.He made exceptional gestures.The audience hummed and raised their eyes.It appeared that the audience was charmed by his wonderful words.Their eyes beamed with hopes.Their dreams would be fulfilled soon.They were really hypnotized.I was also hypnotized by the magical words.I also hoped that his speech would engender something precious.

The climax appeared.The man made a unique gesture and declared that his latest ghost story book would give instant solutions to their demands.The myth of the justice was impregnated in the masterpiece.Everybody must dig into the content to get their dreams fulfilled.

Most of the audience remained hypnotized.Only few raised their brows.The orator stopped his historical speech.The anchor announced that a beautiful  female dancer would perform next.The audience welcomed her with warm applause.

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