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I was contemplating to visit the D.Net office for a long time to learn how the organization performs amazing activity in the ICT sector .Its role in the development of telecentres in Bangladesh is commendable.
The opportunity came at the Gala event held in The Westin Dhaka.The event was the third “Citi Financial IT Case Competition” organized by D.Net and Citibank, N.A. Bangladesh. There I could learn personally from Dr.Ananya Raihan ,Executive Director of D.Net on various aspects of the organization.He was very generous to invite me to D.Net office.Other officials including Ms.Farha Sharmin,Assistant Director also invited me for a visit .
I went to the D.Net office located at Humayun Road of Dhaka around 12.00 O’Clock of 25 January,2012 accompanied by my daughter.
We were cordially welcomed at the reception by Ms Farha Sharmin.She quickly arranged our visit in different departments of the office.As we went round the rooms ,all officers welcomed us and lucidly explained how they
performed their activities.We were convinced that a great team work prevailed in the office which naturally generated amazing ICT products and programmes .I felt that the members of this office were like honeybees who worked silently for accomplishing their cherished goal.
One of the major achievements of D.Net is Infolady which may be considered as a blessing for the rural peoples.The Infolady may as well be considered as a mobile telecentre as the lady moves from door to door to provide ICT services on agriculture,health,sanitation and related areas.
D.Net also developed software on Telecentre Management System which is very useful in telecentre management.
There are many programmes and projects of D.Net which may be learnt from their website link:
You can also access the knowledge products developed by D.Net at this link:
We were impressed by the transparency and accountability being practiced in D.Net.It is very encouraging that all employees are offered lunch in a common cafeteria in a homely atmosphere.This arrangement
helps boost the friendly spirit of the employees and greater output may be obtained through such provision.
Let us now see who is the architect of this organization.Dr.Ananya Raihan is the leader of D.Net who works as the Executive Director of this social enterprise.He has a PhD in Economics from Ukraine.In addition to his leadership role in D.Net he contributes as the E-Governance Adviser to the Access to Information Programme at the Prime Minister’s office of Bangladesh.
Dr.Raihan developed the ‘Pallitathya Model’ to improve access to knowledge and information among the poor and marginalized communities.He was awarded Ashoka Fellowship in 2004 in recognition
of his innovative work.His talented role is helping transformation of our nation as the Digital Bangladesh.
We hope D.Net will strengthen its efforts to provide enhanced ICT services in the days to come.