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Dreamland : United States of America (USA) – By Syed Zainul Abedin

United States of America (USA)  is considered as a dreamland by many people who live in other countries of the world.There are enough reasons

for such attribute for United States of America (USA) .This nation was not created overnight.Many people created this country through their labor,

intellect and sacrifice to transform  it into a dreamland.I will try to present  some features of this nation to keep the peoples of the world about this nation.

At the outset,I am presenting some information taken from the various websites including  official web portal of the US government to give an idea of this nation.
Any person interested about United States of America (USA) may visit the official web portal for genuine information.

United States of America is known variously .The common names  United States, the U.S., the USA, America, and the States.It is a federal constitutional republic consisting of fifty states and one federal district. The country is situated mostly in central North America.

I will add more information on the national issues of USA gradually.For convenience of the readers I would like to guide them to the individual states.My first focus is Alabama.The information is taken from the Alabama government portal:

The readers are encouraged to visit the portal personally and discover amazing resources of this state.I am presenting a segment that shows the  progress of this state in respect of digital development.You can find it here:

Best of the Web and Digital Government Achievement Awards 2012 Results

Top Government Websites and Digital Achievements Honored by the Center for Digital Government

SACRAMENTO, CA (August 23, 2012) e.Republic’s Center for Digital Government has announced the 2012 winners of its annual Best of the Web and Digital Government Achievement Awards.

In its 17th year, Best of the Web (BOW) recognizes outstanding government portals and websites based on innovation, functionality and efficiency.  The BOW first place winners are Alabama (state), Louisville (city), and Orange County, Fla. (county).

The Digital Government Achievement Awards (DGAA) highlight outstanding agency and department websites and applications.  Fifty-six awards in eight categories were given this year.

“Digital technology has fundamentally changed the way people interact with their government and we are seeing it demonstrated through everything from full service portals to special purpose mobile apps,” said Todd Sander, executive director of the Center for Digital Government.   “We’re excited about the opportunities governments are creating to make new things possible and to do the old things faster and more efficiently. The Center thanks them for their continuing innovation and congratulates them on their achievements!”


State Portal Category:

1st Place: Alabama
2nd Place: California
3rd Place: Utah
4th Place: Rhode Island
5th Place: Mississippi

Special Innovation Award: Georgia



County Portal Category:

1st Place: Orange County, Fla.
2nd Place: Pinellas County, Fla.
3rd Place: Alameda County, Calif.
4th Place: Miami-Dade County, Fla.
5th Place: Chesterfield County, Va.


Baltimore County, Md.
County of Maui, Hawaii
County of Sacramento, Calif. 
Glynn County, Ga.
Martin County, Fla.
Monroe County, N.Y.
Roanoke County, Va.

City Portal Category:

1st Place: City of Louisville, Ky.
2nd Place: City of Arvada, Colo.
3rd Place: City of Raleigh, N.C. 
4th Place: City of Riverside, Calif. 
5th Place: City of Austin, Texas


City of Chandler, Ariz.
City of Danville, Va. 
City of Independence, Mo.
City of Lakewood, Colo.
City of Tampa, Fla.


Driving Digital Government Local government category winners:
Boston About Results (BAR)
Change by Us Philly, Mayor’s Office, City of Philadelphia
City of Riverside, Calif., New Employee Web-based On-Boarding Solution
G2G Cloud Solutions, Oakland County, Mich.
Property Tax Calculator, City of Overland Park, Kan.
Wake Accountability Tax Check (WATCH), Wake County, N.C.

Honorable Mention:
Sacramento County Mobile Food Inspection Application

Driving Digital Government State government category winners:
Indiana State Police Mobile Bus Inspection Application
Ninth Judicial Court, Fla. Centralized Remote Interpreting
W. Va. Homeland Security & Emergency Management Suspicious Activity Reporting Mobile App
Utah Master Index

Honorable Mention:
CalVet Mobile App Project

Driving Digital Government Federal government category winners:
FY 2013 Budget Mobile Web Application, U.S. Government Printing Office
Interactive Data Tables (iTable) for Transparency of Underlying Economic Data, U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis

Government-to-business category winners:
California MyFTB Account for Businesses Regulatory Licensing and Permitting
New Jersey e-Temp Tags
New Jersey Uniform Commercial Code
South Carolina Secretary of State Uniform Commercial Code Online Nurse License Renewal
Utah One-Stop Business Registration v. 4

Honorable Mentions:
Washington State Employment and Economic Information

Government-to-citizen Local government category winners:
Automatic Citation Processing to Bank Deposit, Bell County, Texas
Online Property Tax Services, Stearns County, Minn.
Precinct Atlas, Cerro Gordo County, Iowa
Property Gateway, Oakland County, Mich.
Salt Lake City Solar Mapping
San Diego County Emergency Portal Website
San Francisco Property Information Map
The New, Orange County, Calif.

Government-to-citizen State government category winners:
Autism Help App for Emergencies, Minnesota Governor’s Council on Developmental Disabilities
Colorado Gambling Intercept Payments
Colorado Program Eligibility and Application Kit (PEAK)
Idaho OTG (On-The-Go) Mobile Payments
Tennessee Driver Service Center Self-Service iPad Kiosks
Texas Adoption Resource Exchange (TARE) Redesign Project Driver License Eligibility and Reinstatement
Utah Warrants Check

Honorable Mentions:
Hawaii Mobile App for Annual Business Renewal Driver License Renewal and Change of Address

Government-to-government category winners:
California Routing on Empirical Data (RED) Project
Court Notify eSubpoena Project, Riverside County, Calif. Sheriff Department
Criminal Discovery: Law Enforcement Upload, North Carolina Administrative Office of the Courts
Data Systems to Support an Integrated Human Services Model Across Allegheny County, Penn.
Justice Electronic Library System (JELS), San Diego County, Calif.
The California Reportable Disease Information Exchange (CalREDIE)

Honorable Mention:
Texas Crash Reporting and Analysis for Safer Highways (CRASH)

Government internal category winners:
U.S. Army Knowledge Online Identity Management (IdM) System
California Secure File Transfer Service
California Data Center Retrofitting and Modernization Project (RaMP)
City of Austin’s Flood Early Warning System
Communications Technology Management Green IT Program, City of Austin
Data Mining Solution for Welfare Fraud Detection, County of Los Angeles, Calif.
Utah GovPay (new release)

Honorable Mention:
Cloud Applications for Local Sustainability Programs, City of Thousand Oaks, Calif.

The Center for Digital Government is a national research and advisory institute on information technology policies and best practices in state and local government. The Center is a division of e.Republic, a national publishing, event, and research company focused on smart media for public sector innovation.

Janet Grenslitt
Director of Surveys and Awards
[email protected]

DGAA and BOW 2012 Awards Sponsors
In this section you will know some interesting facts about Alabama.This section called ‘Did You Know…?‘ comes from here:

Did You Know…?
America’s first Mardi Gras was held in Mobile in 1704. test

Did You Know…?
The first inhabitants of Alabama were Cherokee, Creek, Choctaw and Chickasaw Indians. test

Did You Know…?
NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville built the first rocket to put humans on the moon. test

Did You Know…?
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. began his ministerial career at the Dexter Avenue Baptist Church in Montgomery. test

Did You Know…?
The current Alabama Constitution (1901) is one of the longest in the United States, having over 100,000 words and more than 700 amendments. test

Did You Know…?
The Alabama Territory was established on March 3, 1817 by the same act which created the state of Mississippi. test

Did You Know…?
The official state bird of Alabama is the yellowhammer. test

Did You Know…?
The official state flower of Alabama is the camellia. test

Did You Know…?
The official state mascot of Alabama is the eastern tiger swallowtail. test

Did You Know…?
The first 911 call in the United States was made in Haleyville on February 16, 1968. test

Did You Know…?
The first city-wide trolley was built in Montgomery in 1886. test

Did You Know…?
The first University of Alabama vs. Auburn University football game was played on Feb. 22, 1893. test

Did You Know…?
The Weeden House Museum in Huntsville is the birthplace of artist and poet Maria Howard Weeden. The house is full of 19th century southern culture. test

Did You Know…?
Andalusia holds a world championship domino tournament, and has done so annually since 1976. The largest pay-off was over $450,000.00. test

Did You Know…?
Alabama has towns with such names as: Aimwell, Burnt Corn, Slapout, Remlap, Smut Eye, Trickem and Equality. test

Did You Know…?
Harper Lee, author of To Kill a Mockingbird, was from Monroeville. test

Did You Know…?
Cook’s Natural Science Museum in Decatur was originally a collection of employee training displays from Cook’s Pest Control. Today, hundreds of wild life exhibits are open to the public. test

Did You Know…?
Lionel Richie was born in Tuskegee and the original members of The Commodores met as freshmen at the Tuskegee Institute now named Tuskegee University. test

Did You Know…?
Hank Williams was born in Mount Olive on September 17th, 1923. A life-sized statue of the singer now stands in Montgomery. test

Did You Know…?
Nat King Cole was born in Montgomery in 1919. test

Did You Know…?
Scottsboro is home to the Unclaimed Baggage Center. The Unclaimed Baggage Center buys luggage lost by airlines. test

Did You Know…?
The Vulcan, located in Birmingham, is the world’s largest cast iron statue. The Vulcan weighs in at 120,000 pounds and is 56 feet tall. test

Did You Know…?
The Boll Weevil statue in Enterprise was erected in 1919. Its a monument to the insect that destroyed cotton crops and eventually brought prosperity to the region while forcing farmers to grow peanuts. test

Did You Know…?
DeSoto Caverns, located in Childersburg, was the first recorded cave in the United States. Cave graffiti was first discovered in the 1700s. test

Did You Know…?
The second ever UFO sighting occurred in 1948, around 5,000 feet over Alabama. The UFO was sighted by pilots of Eastern Airlines flying from Houston to Atlanta on July 24th. test

Did You Know…?
Anniston is home to the country’s largest office chair, standing in at 31 feet tall. test

Did You Know…?
Magnolia Springs has the only all-water mail route in the United States, with daily delivery by boat. test

Did You Know…?
Montgomery is home to the world’s first civilian flying school. Established in 1910 by Wilbur and Orville Wright, it was located at Maxwell Air Force Base. test

Did You Know…?
Shelby county holds the world record for fastest Habitat for Humanity homebuilding. The house was built by professionals in 3 hours, 26 minutes and 34 seconds. test

Did You Know…?
The world’s youngest college graduate obtained a bachelor’s degree in anthropology at the age of 10 years and four months old from the University of South Alabama. test

Did You Know…?
Hellen Keller, author and educator, was from Tuscumbia. test

Did You Know…?
Clanton has one of the only two peach-shaped water towers in the country. test

Did You Know…?
Birmingham is nicknamed The Magic City. This name was derived in the 1900s for being the fastest growing city in the country. test

Did You Know…?
Alabama is the only place in the world where all three components of steel making: iron ore, coal, and limestone, can be found within a 30-mile radius. test

Did You Know…?
The official state fruit of Alabama is the blackberry. test

Did You Know…?
The official state nut of Alabama is the pecan. test

Did You Know…?
The longest jail sentence ever handed down in the United States was received in 1981 by Dudley Wayne Kyzer of Tuscaloosa. He received 10,000 years plus two life sentences for killing three people. test

Did You Know…?
Alabama marble is considered the purest and whitest in the world. It has been used in buildings such as the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. test

Did You Know…?
The official state game bird of Alabama is the wild turkey. test

Did You Know…?
Alabama is home to four ‘moon trees’. These trees grew from seeds which had accompanied astronaut Stuart Roosa on the January 1971 Apollo 14 mission. test

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Did you know?

The Vulcan located in Birmingham,  Alabama is the Worlds largest cast iron statue. The Vulcan weighs in at 120,000 pounds and is 56 feet tall.
The Vulcan, located in Birmingham, is the world’s largest cast iron statue. The Vulcan weighs in at 120,000 pounds and is 56 feet tall.

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I dedicate the section on Alabama to the great singer, Hank Williams who was born on this day, September 17th,1923.I invite  all music lovers to

show honor to this popular singer.

I am embedding a popular song from YouTube which may be found at this link:

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