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Fabulous Story of Strawberry :Syeda Tasnim Jannat

The very word ‘strawberry’ creates a lovely feeling in the mind.The wonderful color of a ripe fruit of strawberry,the amazing flavor of the fruit and the delicious taste of the fruit all rush to the mind to create the special feeling.

People of Bangladesh had little idea of this fruit ten years ago.Some brand of ice creams containing color and flavor of strawberry and pictures of the fruit advertisement in media were the only hints of this fruit.The fruit was thought as an exotic one that grew in western countries only.Though it was noted in some books that strawberry could be grown in Bangladesh,yet efforts for successful growing of the fruit was not known.

The creative individuals across the country were trying to grow strawberry in their garden and laboratory for quite long.They collected vines from various countries and made many attempts to grow this wonderful on the soil  of Bangladesh.Some attempts were partially successful.But,commercial growing was not feasible.

At last,the breakthrough came.Some varieties of Strawberry proved to stand in the climate of Bangladesh and produce profitable yield.Gradually the magical fruit spread across the country through some enterprising and innovative farmers.People became happy to have a brand new fruit for which they dreamt.

If you visit a Bangladeshi marketplace you may find a number of strawberry varieties being sold by vendors at reasonable price.You may see how a customer is bargaining to buy some strawberry fruits.

I like to extend my heartfelt thanks to all persons who tried hard to introduce the delicious and nutritious strawberry fruit in Bangladesh.I also congratulate  the farmers who are working to grow this fruit to supply to the people of Bangladesh.

I am extremely happy to have a fabulous fruit in Bangladesh.I hope this fruit will help farmers to earn a lot and the at  same time people will enjoy a nutritious fruit to fight malnutrition.