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Friendship : A Poem by Dr.Syed Md. Zainul Abedin

Golden jubilee of my university
Has tied thousands in amity
The solemn party becomes a pleasant sojourn
Old and young graduates passionately yearn
Decoration with flowers,lighting and festoons welcome all
Wives and children of graduates happily stroll
Pairs and groups of friends are engaged in gossip
Some eat snacks while others take sip
In such thrilling and festive mood
I met a friend exceptionally good
We are friends for long long years
We embraced each other with  tears

Memories sprang up of bittersweet past
We shared many stories,many left untold at last
We took renewed vow to love each other at parting
We exchanged smile and pensive looks for another meeting

Golden jubilee is the golden feather of our life
Friendship triumphs through concert and strife