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Green farmer of the year 2013 in Denmark (Taken from for dissemination)

Green farmer of the Year 2013 was the first Award on the Danish Plantcongress ever. The winner is Søren Ilsøe from the Danish island Zealand.

The Main reason was that Søren Ilsøe runs his farm with sharp focus on “more for less” at his family operation Knudstrupgaard with 250 hectares and fattening of 5,000 pigs annually.

“My idea is to let all kind of organisms on the surface and below the surface of the soil do the job instead of using a lot of steel, time and fuel,” he states

By using cover crops and having the soil covered all year by plants and residues from the previous crops the number of night crawlers and other essential organisms to the healt of soil is remarkably high. This is also an advantage to more species of birds that thus are higher by Søren than elsewhere in his region.

Søren is also very keen to use few pesticides in as low doses as possible. Both pesticides and fluid fertilizers are applied by using a sprayer in his CTF-system that is based on RTK GPS. Automatic steering and section blanking on field sprayers is estimated to reduce pesticide use by aprox. 10%

But Søren is just not focused on the environment.

“My focus is also to achieve high yields and a profitable farming system. That is absolutely necessary,” he says

The jury visit a 10 meter bufferzone. Photo Frank Bondgaard

The jury visit the 10 meter bufferzone. Søren with the spade. Photo Frank Bondgaard


Winter wheat. Photo Frank Bondgaard

Active earthworms in January. Photo Frank Bondgaard

Reduced tillage with active earthworms in January. Photo Frank Bondgaard


The jury’s statements (come later when it is translated):

The jury in the constest was Ella Maria Bishoff-Larsen, President of The Danish Society for Nature Conservation, Jacob Bisgaard, Manager, Land, Town and Culture Ringkøbing-Skjern Municipality and Torben Hansen President of Plant produdtion, Danish Agriculture and Food Council.

Søren Ilsøe is President of FRDK and member of the board of ECAF. He will in the Autum contineu in The Baltic Sea farmer of the year Award arranged by WWF.

Green farmer of the year of the year logo

Green farmer of the year logo


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