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Wrecks in the Seabed & Flights of the Hakko-Makko from Heaven to Earth : A story by Syed Mohd. Saleh Uddin

Wrecks in the Seabed & Flights of the

Hakko-Makko from Heaven to Earth

Syed Mohd. Saleh Uddin

He lived in the southern most solar systems visible from the earth. Arabian astrologers named it Acher Nahar,’ The end of the river’. In Bengali it is Nadi Mukh. In the west its Latinized identity is Achernar. Arabs used it to find celestial north during their navigational course. But at present no south star is as useful to plot navigational celestial north. However now Southern Cross are being used in this purpose. It is like Polaris in the northern sky which has astro navigational value to the people of northern hemisphere as former one to the people of southern hemispheres.

The king of the star worlds ‘THE TAROKALOKER BADSHAH’ has imposed Hakko Makko to supervise the research works of the aliens in relation of their’ flying crafts and causes of their destructions’ in the living abodes from the Southern Cross to the Polaris i.e. Pole Star. Southern Cross is in the constellation named ‘Crux’. Hakko Makko is instructed to make his new course towards Scorpios. It is the constellation which is dips into the Milky Way’s streams of stars. Not only about secret of crafts disasters but also Hakko Makko’s interest to catch galactic treasure soon he set off his space travel after having necessary knowledge from the on line astronomy of the earth because he will have to go there first for daily there are various types of crashes.

Monitor in his craft informed him about two words: astronomy and astrology. To tell the history in the monitor a page came, where were written: there was time when astronomy and astrology meant same. Page of the present dictionary came where were written Astrology is ‘a study which assumes, and profess to interpret the influence of the heavenly bodies on human daily life’. In contrast astrology is: The science of the celestial bodies, their motions, positions, distances, magnitudes, and other related information. One after other information was coming in monitor’s screen. Somewhere he saw written ancient human astronomers believed that the sun, moon, and planets were the symbols of the Gods. Hence the planets are named from the Greek and Roman mythologies. Ancient Indians and Chinese philosophers named them on their own faiths. Later Muslim astrologers named them in Arabic styles as they did not believes on Gods and Goddesses but only one creator Allah who has no wife, son , daughter or any partner to help him.

Now Hakko Makko is in the way of Earth’s Milky Way. But he does not have any objection to work there. So, he followed short path. As a result his craft entered the Earth solar system crossing long distance in comparatively short span of time. From the space by his space communication devices he was getting live news from the Heaven’s transmission centre of the aliens. Screen was full of images. Round shape Earth seen full of crafts. In the streets there were full of moving bodies. At about the same time there were rush. Moving bodies stopped so traffic Jam. Somewhere moving crafts were very fast over the globe, and seen hundreds of accidents. Somewhere over the sea there were many crafts. Live news was that those were rescue ships searching Malaysian airliner what was lost in sea on March 2014. Not long distance from that another such rescue ships and small crafts were seen working. News was that a ferry boat of South Korea sank in the sea, casualties exceeded one hundred. It was April 22, 2014.

Hakko Makko reached the Scorpios constellation very easily. It looks like its name shake. Its fish hook shaped tail helped him to find his destination easily. He entered the space of the Earth. He came to know that to Earth’s space scientists, space is known as Heaven. He was bit confused because he heard eternal abodes of death of righteous believers will be in the Heaven. From various sources now he is clear that Christians, Muslims, Jews, Persians, Hindu, Chinese and the followers of other religions have faith on Heaven. Christians believe first man and woman Adam and Eve created and lived in Eden. It is a Heaven. Muslim Say it Jannat. To Persian it is Behest. To Indian it is Swarga loka etc. To Chinese it is Tien. To some believers it is beyond our known Universe somewhere in the dark where there is no star. In Islam also it is beyond the world of stars i.e. the first sky. However, to all sky scientists, bodies of the Universe are the heavenly bodies.

His universe communication devices started working. He pressed the history button. Pages of Earth’s Mahakal (time from the unknown date of creation of earth to doomsday) opened. Ancient birds like flying bodies were visible in the Earth sky. Gradually their shapes and size were changing. Those all were natural to Hakko Makko because almost similar natural flying objects are in his planet. By his utter astonishment he few round shaped object were going up. Some of them reached too high, burst and broken into pieces. Hakko Makko felt them to be artificial objects. Then cigar shaped such objects were seen flying. Explanation came in the monitor that those were non powered and powered balloon made crafts. In watery area of the Earth many small and big objects were seen plying. There was explanation that they are boat, ship etc in different names. From unknown past they are main source of conveyance in this planet.

In his monitor a page of 1903 of the world was opened. He saw two men were trying to fly an object. There was an explanation: in the mentioned year Wright brothers first flew heavier than air craft. Then he saw development s of such flying crafts. Big machines were flying. There were explanations Jumbo Jet, Airbus, Boeing, Hercules, Antonov Meria etc. These are used in the airliners. When such craft destroys there are big causalities. Hakko Makko is sent here to know about the disasters of ship and other crafts that now are lying in the seabed. In his monitor there were also many dog fights of aircrafts over war fields. Their throwing of bullets like fireball to each other and destruction etc also came. However he was not assigned research work on warring aircrafts. As the pages were turning over he saw big ships are sinking and big aircraft became fireball in the air and rushing towards marshy area in regular intervals. Explanations were also there: those marshy areas are known in the Earth as river, sea, ocean etc. These are water reservoirs of the Earth. To know about them Hakko Makkow pressed a button of a search machine which deals with the waters and objects on the Earth surfaces.

In the sky birds of various colours and sizes were flying. In the high above the earth surfaces there were big flying machines. Beyond the atmosphere around the earth many crafts are seen revolving. In an interval cigar shaped speedy crafts were seen leaving the earth. They crossed the air surfaces in a free speed, and thus going away from the globe. There were explanations for all the above devices. He needs to know all these. Under the water he saw big whale like devices. From the explanation they came to know that those are manmade submarines. He saw natural creatures also. They are known as Whale, Shark, Dolphin, Seal, Octopus, Suede, Sea horse, Sea lion and Polar bear etc. To know more he pressed the button named ‘Legends’.

Few legendary characters came. Khoaza Khezer, Jal Devota, Sea king etc. The story of the Mermaid was also in the screen. A story of National Geographical channel of the earth came in his monitor. Many creatures like legendary mermaid were fishing with spear like weapons. He heard the voice of the narrator: I have never seen such humanlike creatures before. He further added in my long past diver life I have seen in various oceans hundreds of local species. I have never seen anything with such manlike face which also has humanlike mouth, eyes, nose, forehead and even black hairs. They were moving in a folk, throwing spears at the fishes and swimming forward. He saw some of them also became the prey of sharks. The announcer said his party was successful to catch a wounded fish by that weapon. Suddenly he saw all the unknown creatures made their ways among the poisonous Sponges and disappeared. Then a man was seen in a naval ship plying along side of the ship of the researcher. A man was handling over to him an audio record. He heard voice of the announcer: its sound I heard before I have seen those creatures in the sea. Now our Navy will research about this supernatural sound. Hakko Makko thought that they are mermaid like creatures. They are certainly from other planets that came for certain duty here and for their food they were fishing.

Hakko Makko’s craft jumped in a deep ocean. First he tried to trace aliens there. His aliens tracing devices were active. Soon he got reply from the alliances. One of their stations informed him the story of the National Geographic Channel to be correct one. It may be possible by the inhabitants of the Caplar 186 F. It is the member planet of the solar system of a calm but small star. It is one of the star of the Milky Way what is the address of the earth also. One of the station commanders of the Aliens informed the story of the mermaid might be created by one of the female members of that planet who came long ago but failed to get their craft because she was busy with fishing. He heard about another mystery named Loch Ness Monster mystery. It is the tale of big Dinosaurs like neck fish that also can fly. Recently it is propagated from an image of a satellite its existence is proved. Hakko Makko does not want to think about it and other under water lives that are not his research matters.

Suddenly his craft stopped near a ship wreck. There he saw few souls. By telepathy they informed Hakko Makko that it was the middle ages Dutch Pirates ship. They were pirates. Now this wreck is their abode. His craft had free access everywhere. Hakko Makko saw wrecks of Portuguese, English, French, Spaniard, Arab etc ship wrecks. Those were crusader’s ships, pirate’s ship, merchant’s ship etc. In many ships Hakko Makko saw many souls. Someone from an Arab ship made contact with Hakko Makko. It was a Moorish Arab pirate’s ship. The soul said: we are Nafse Ammara (the unsatisfied souls). We are not free from this world. They live where their bodies are buried. We are buried with this destroyed ship. So, we are here. So far I know only Nafse Mutmainna (satisfied souls) get rid of this earth. They are in the way of our eternal abodes. As a matter of fact we the all pirates may be of any country, creeds or ideology and language in life we were always unsatisfied.

Someone from wreck of a crusader’s ship made contact with him. He said: we were made bound to fight against Muslims to protect our faith on Trinity i.e. the faith on Son God, Father God and Holy Ghost. Muslims came forward to protect their faith on Unity i.e. faith on there is no God but Allah that refuted Trinity. They said: do not say the Son of God but say Allah is one. Also say him (PBUH) a prophet. As they say Muhammad (PBUH) a prophet. So, we fought against each other that left hundreds of deaths in the name of Martyrs and Shaheeds.

Hakko Makko’s craft visited many wrecks of ships and aircrafts underwater. Within very short time he visited many wrecks of crashed ships. He stopped near the wrecks of the RMS Titanic. On April 10, 1912 it embarked on its maiden voyage, sailing from Southampton, England to New York city. It was one of the largest and most luxurious passenger liners at the time. It was considered by many to be unsinkable. But it has its tragic End in its first Voyage. On April 14 the ship struck an iceberg. The early next day it sank. Some 1500 people on board perished, though many were also rescued. As for the tragedy, the ship became perhaps the best known ship in the world. After the 1985 its discovery of wreckage increased interests. In creative persons creativity increased. Now it is an enduring legend. Hakko Makko completed writing his draft. Soon he will have to fly again towards the Polaris for his new assignments.