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The Beauty of Carrot

This is the harvest season of carrot in Bangladesh.The harvested carrot is shipped from the few growing areas to various wholesale destinations of the country.Then they are sold from innumerable retail points to consumers of all ages ranging from youngs to olds.The majority retailers comprise vendors at the school gates and bus stoppages where they peel the carrots and cut them in shapes of flowers before handing them to the customers.The customers eat the carrots with pleasure.
The carrot contains carotene which is an ingredient of Vitamin-A.The demand of Vitamin A is supplied by carrots and thus the risk of blindness reduced to remarkable extent.
Besides the health benefit,I adore the beauty of carrot.Its golden color always makes me happy.Moreover,the large number of persons who are employed from t production,shipment,wholesaling to retailing is also a great benefit for our economy.I appreciate the new crop of Bangladesh for its great contribution for us.