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Humankid : A Poem by Dr.Syed Md. Zainul Abedin

A humankid was playing in a garden

Her partner was a wonderful peahen

They bounced and chased each other

They acted the role of a lovely mother


The humankid stumbled on a hidden stone

She screamed for pain in the pelvic bone

The peahen was frightened by the accident

She called hummingbird for her treatment


The hummingbird came with first aid box

She hummed mantra with cunning fox

They massaged humankid with great care

Peahen flapped her wings for fresh air


Hearing tumult peacock rushed with peachicks

He gave good advice and showed great tricks

Humankid felt a little comfort by their nursing

Doctor hummingbird then started to sing


The parents of humankid heard the song

They thought something might be wrong

They came with neighbors for her aid

Humankid assured there was no raid


All became happy and started to dance

Humankid felt sleepy and fell into trance