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Insect Pests of Bangladesh : Syeda Tasnim Jannat

Bangladesh is rich in insect fauna.All insect species are not pests which cause damage to crops,trees and other resources.We will consider insect species that cause damage to crops and resources in this article.
A good number of insect pests attack the crops and resources in various stages of their growth,storage and shipment.The scientists who deal with insects are called entomologists.Their dedicated role
help the growers and home makers to manage the insect pests.
Rice Insect Pests
Rice is one of the major cereal crops of Bangladesh.It is grown as the staple food crop and thus receives most attention by the farmers,scientists,extension officers and policy makers.Bangladesh Rice Research Institute (BRRI) undertakes research and monitoring work for the management of rice insect pests.About 175 insect pests have been recorded in Bangladesh which cause varying degrees of damage.About 20 insect pests cause economic damage to the rice crop
in different growing seasons.A link of Rice Knowledge Bank managed by International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) has been given below for the management of rice insect pests:

Similar Rice Knowledge Bank is also managed by BRRI which may be viewed at the following link for guidance on rice insect pest management: