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Ekusher Chetona

The incident took place on the 21st February,1952.The incident was the killing of
a number of youths who wanted to speak in Bengali,the mother language of the peoples of the then East Pakistan.But the heartless leader of Pakistan wanted to suppress the desire of the peoples of the the then East Pakistan.This unwise and merciless act of suppression created a long movement and ultimately the Liberation War of 1971 which was instrumental to the birth of a new nation, Bangladesh.The spirit of 21st February,1952 which is translated to EKUSHE FEBRUARY.The sweet word Ekushe presented the Bangladeshi nation a spirit which gave them courage to fight for their nation.The spirit of 21 which is translated as Ekusher Chetona still gives us courage to develop our country and cherish our culture.This spirit inspired us to motivate the UNESCO to declare 21st February as the International Mother Language Day.This day is meant for honouring the mother language of all peoples and cultures.The 21st February is just few hours away.
Whole Bangladesh is awaiting to observe the historical moment after 12pm tonight.
The Central Shahid Minar and the surrounding areas have been decorated to allow thousands of mourners to offer flowers to the memory of myrters of the 21st February,1952.Let all peoples of the world remember the sacred day to honor the myrters.