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I always feel very happy when a man and woman get married.I feel happier when I can see a married couple live happily.
If the family has children and the children can get proper education,medical care,good home and decent entertainment
I thank the Almighty Creator for His blessing.
Marriage is treated as very important event in all religions,cultures and countries.Many rituals are observed in most societies according to the financial strength of the families of the parents of the bride and bridegroom.These rituals were developed through ages to to sanctify the bondage and inform the peoples of the society about the marriage.A feast is offered to the guests attending the marital party.The festivities of the marital party give immense pleasure to all
peoples of the community regardless ages.
The happy mariage and the legendary love of the Emperor Shah Jahan and Mumtaz Mahal is a great inspiration for all married couples across the world.The legendary love of this married couple created the world wonder, Taj Mahal.This famous architectural work inspired all the married peoples to live together in family.

I was very happy to see the long telecast of the fairy tale wedding of Princess Diana with Prince Charles.This marriage could create another Taj Mahal.But,unforunately that marriage did not last.I was very unhappy to see the
painful unexpected seperation.

I take the opportunity to wish very happy conjugal life to the married couples of all countries around the world.
There is real peace and happiness in married life.Let us enjoy the celebrations of wedding and pray for the well being of all married peoples and their families.