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Mushroom Species of Bangladesh : Syeda Tasnim Jannat

Cultivation of mushroom is getting popularity in Bangladesh day by day.The chief reason of this trend is the supportive role of the Government of Bangladesh and incessant efforts of the experts of National Mushroom Development and Training Institute,Savar under the leadership of the Department of Agricultural Extension.

The modern facility of mushroom production,extension,training and research started its effective programme under the name ofNational Mushroom Development and Extension Centre of Department of Agricultural Extension under Ministry of Agriculture of the Government of Bangladesh.The centre has now acquired lots of experience in mushroom cultivation and achieved expertise to popularize the nutritious mushroom species.Following species of mushroom are being cultivated in Bangladesh.

1.Oyster Mushroom-(a)Pleurotus ostreatus;(b)Pleurotus  djmour;(c)Pleurotus  cystidiosus;(d)Pleurotus  citrinopleatus;(e)Pleurotus  geesternus;(f)Pleurotus  florida;(g)Pleurotus  sajor-caju;(h)Pleurotus  highking;(i) Pleurotus  sapidus (j)Pleurotus  eryngii

2.Ear Mushroom-Auricularia auricula

3.Milky White Mushroom-Calocybe indica

4.Straw Mushroom-Volvariella volvacea

5.Reishi Mushroom-Ganoderma lucidum

6.Shiitake Mushroom-Lentinus edodes

7.Button Mushroom-(a)Agaricus bisporus;(b)Agaricus bitorquis;(c)Agaricus blezi

8.Monkey Head Mushroom-Hericium erinaceus