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My Friend Chris: A Story by Dr.Syed Md. Zainul Abedin

You might know Chris.The fair tall figured icon is a great  economist.I met him in Nepal when I visited as a member of team from Bangladesh. We worked there on value chain and related matters. The beautiful landscape of Nepal charmed my heart.Chris taught me how to appreciate the beauty of nature.His long stay in Nepal made him an expert of this country known worldwide for its mountainous terrain.The Himalayas have made Nepal as celebrity state in the world.Chris was a celebrity to me for his knowledge and passion for this fabulous country.
I  enjoyed  the wonderful  hills and vales of Nepal when we traveled deep into the rural areas. The wonderful landscape filled with diverse plant species,birds,wildlife and butterfly conquered my heart.The well mannered and hospitable people  of this country seemed to love Chris very much.We were accorded special reception by the Nepalese people due to the friendship of them with Chris. The farmers grew coffee in the hilly areas.Chris took us to the homes of farmers where beautiful girls  processed coffee for the whole world.The project of Chris supported the farmers with technical know-how,machine and money.They also arranged export of coffee to the international market.Chris showed us how farmers applied drip irrigation  for irrigating  coffee, cucumber and other high value crops.
I enjoyed amazing time with Chris in hill-top resorts.The natural beauty around the resorts was awesome.Vast expanse of forest was decorated by wonderful Rhododendron,the national flower of Nepal.I looked the magical
beauty of the nature as spellbound.Chris called me to break my trance and  bring me back to the Hotel Greenwich where stayed for the brief visit.
My  assignment with Chris and other friendly persons was invaluable.Every good thing must have an end.I also had to return to my country back.But,my heart carried the lovely experience with  Chris.


One fine morning I was awakened by a phone call.Then a surprise. Chris was at the other end.He arrived in Bangladesh for a piece of business. I invited  Chris to our home.We sat together and planned what could be done during his free time.I wanted to make the time of Chris enjoyable.We went to a university near Dhaka where he had a great friend.The university area was amazing!There was a large lake where red colored water lily were in plenty.
A great variety  of migratory birds made the area so colorful that it can’t be described with my poor vocabulary.We also visited adjacent villages where paddy,mustard and various crops greeted us.We reached a school where teachers and students were playing volleyball.Chris and his friend professor Apollo joined the game.I became the photographer to capture the exciting moments.After the game we joined the class and exchanged with the teachers and students.Chris became very  happy to see the ambition and confidence among the students.I took him to a wedding party where he became very curious to see events in a different culture.He enjoyed all the events with great amusement.
Chris left Bangladesh leaving back  rich memories for me and my family.He befriended with all members of our family.
Another surprise awaited us.Chris came for  second time for another assignment.This time he was very busy. He requested me to see me in a cafe. My son and daughter also accompanied me there.We took pizza and coffee.Professor Apollo also came there and we had a great time there.Chris traveled different districts to collect information for his study.We talked over mobile phones on several occasions for sharing some information.Then we said good bye each other hoping meet again.
A long time went by.There was no communication between us.I was wondering what happened to him.
I mailed him.He responded quickly. He  informed me that he left Nepal to visit home and attend a wedding party of his friend.But he could not return to Nepal for some problems.So,he took an assignment in Cambodia.He expressed that after the assignment he would stay in USA to look for a bride to get married.
Chris is a wonderful person.I love to think about him.I wonder when he will marry.I am not sure if I can attend his wedding party.But,I hope Chris will get a beautiful bride and make a fabulous family.