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Rachel Carson:The Mother of Modern Environmental Movement – By Dr. Syed Zainul Abedin

Rachel Carson was born and raised in a farmhouse of Springdale in the state of Pennsylvania of USA on May27,1907.
She received her primary education in Springdale and secondary education in Parnassus.Her college education started with English and later switched to biology at the Pennsylvania College for Women(transformed to Chatham University now).
She earned masters in zoology from John Hopkins University.
She started her career as a aquatic biologist in the U.S.Bureau of Fisheries in 1935.She had to forsake the aspiration of doing PhD due to financial difficulties.She also looked after her ageing mother after the sudden death of her father in 1935.There were many sad incidents in her family.But Rachel Carson was indomitable and contributed throughout her life in research and motivation for the safety and conservation of environment and nature.She was called as The Mother of Modern Environmental Movement for her great contributions for the outstanding achievements in many aspects of nature including marine life and hazards of pesticides.

Rachel Carson will be remembered for the masterpiece book, Silent Spring which influenced U.S. President Kennedy to call for testing the chemicals that were mentioned in her book as harmful for nature,environment and humanity.This resulted to the banning of the controversial pesticide,DDT which is reported to be carcinogen and have many adverse effects on life and environment.
Some of her other works were:Under the Sea Wind,Fishes of the Middle West,The Sea Around Us and The Edge of the Sea.
Rachel Carson died on April 14,1964 at the age of 56.

Rachel Carson had an illustrious life.This is impossible to portray her in a small article like this.But,I feel a kind of indebtedness and respect for her concern,courage,passion,knowledge and farsightedness which seeded the ongoing environmental movement for the safety of humanity.Hence I dedicate this article to honour her around the month of April and May whick mark her death and birth respectively.
I present a video on Rachel Carson which will enlighten the readers about the great naturalist,environmentalist,ecologist,scientist and humanist.