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Do you remember the tough time of the island,

Where crisis was regular feature of everyday?

How the sea turned rough and kept us frightened,

How the sky looked gloomy like the doomsday?

Paradigm has been shifted to everywhere now,

Strange curse has seized most human habitation.

Happiness has flown away from the ship’s prow,

Skilled sailors shed tears in severe frustration.

Despite such fearful state we braved journey

Along the waterway with a gorgeous boat.

We enjoyed green mangrove and dolphin spree,

We were amazed to see fishermen float.

Once saw waterspout on a cloudy afternoon,

It spiraled to the sky when tornado was roaring.

The night sky was once illuminated by lovely moon,

Once rainbow colored the sky while it was raining.

Can you recall how excited we became seeing the hill,

After crossing the violent sea in a ragged vessel  ?

Do you wonder how all friends retained zeal ,

While singing along moonlit glade without any hassle?

I’m worried now, what to do at this suffocating time.

The wheel of life is about to stop at any moment.

But sitting like a statue will be treated as a crime.

Hence let’s approach wise people for comment.