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Silverfish:A Poem By Dr.Syed Md. Zainul Abedin

This is a strange looking fish
It lives in places without water
You will never like it on your dish
I bet it is stranger than Harry Potter

You will get it in your lovely book
It may emerge from bags and clothing
You will find it in dark and humid nook
It may ruin your precious thing

This strange creature secretly ate
Sixty kilos of delicious peanut
It never appeared to express regret
For plundering poor farmer’s hut

This creature has silvery body with six legs
It moves in a wiggling motion like a fish
Though an insect it is always wingless
It has the magical power to vanish

If you want to get rid of the filthy bug
Find the places where it lives in your home
Consult an expert who knows how to debug
But never panic as it has no venom