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The Spring in the Woods and the Hearts

The Spring is the loveliest season of Bangladesh.It has arrived today to decorate the hearts of the young and the old with amazing colors of flowers and foliage.The Spring
has come to embrace the ongoing Boi Mela at Bangla Academy.The Spring has come to mourn with the millions of people in Bangladesh and around the world for the brutal killings of Bangla speaking youths in 1952 who bloom now at the Shaid Minars across the country.The Spring has come to kindle hopes and aspirations among our peoples.The Spring has come to enlighten and illuminate the hearts of the people of villages and cities with the songs of birds.The Spring has come to spread the hummings of lovely waves of the Bay of Bengal and the murmurs of the
world heritage the Sunderbans.The Spring has come to offer smiles to the amorous peoples around the country of green blessing.