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Thoughts on Cockroach:A Poem by Dr. Syed Md. Zainul Abedin

Who doesn’t get scared or annoyed by cockroach!

Some of you might have risked life to get rid of them.

But could you imagine the vermin with egg poach?

You may be charmed to see the still life game.

I had the opportunity to see an art exhibition long ago,

Where artists presented amazing works on still life.

American cockroach and egg poach was a nice show,

The painting also combined sliced bread, fork and knife.

Beside those sweet memories, I have different experience.

Many weird cockroaches infested  my home badly.

They had various  sizes,shapes,colors and appearance ,

They spoiled everything ,I had to see helpless and sadly.

Various species fight for spaces in my home,

American, German and Oriental are some of them.

They have specific ways  for sleep and roam,

They take shelter in places like stores and picture frame.

The pestilent insect has many ways to harm,

They eat our things resulting to immense damage.

Their faeces and foul smell cause great alarm,

They spread diseases like heinous savage.

People call exterminator to stop the nuisance,

Who  destroys  their habitats and apply pesticide.

You can also manage this evil with your prudence,

Clean  home and kill the rogue wherever you find.

But frankly speaking there are some merits  as well,

Giant Madagascar hissing cockroach is reared as pet.

Some species used for research and education as model,

Writers treat in novel or poem as object of hate.

I feel a little embarrassed to share some information.

Cockroaches are farmed for making medicine and food.

These may be norms of some cultures or personal passion.

I can’t prescribe   if such practices are bad or good.

Cockroaches are living for millions of years on the earth.

Modern  humans, Homo sapiens came  much later.

Survival of the fittest will determine which species is worth.

Someday cockroach may brand  the human as invader.