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Walk : Dr.Syed Md. Zainul Abedin

I will go for a walk today
My daughter will come with me
She has taken my charge from last May
Since doctor advised not to let me free

Last time we walked after dusk
Along the meandering path of an old lake
As I was attentive to my task
Suddenly I stumbled on something like snake

My daughter was not ready to see me fall
She cried and ran to pull me up
She tried hard but failed as she was quite small
Compared to my obese body and heavy stuff

People are not always helpless
A healthy youth came for my rescue
He gently pulled me and set me on a cosy place
He was quite expert like a fire crew

I thanked the youth from the core of my heart
He politely thanked back and left us there
I stared at the youth like a piece of art
And felt that there are many nice hearts to take care

Then we rested in the park and enjoyed the nature
Light reflected on the still water of the lake
Pleasant breeze played with us and unknown creature
I also felt sighs of some fairies around my neck

My daughter insisted to start for home
But my heart stuck to the mysterious spot
I felt very happy under the natural dome
I wished to write poem with streaming thought

However,we left the park and returned to our den
I enjoyed sound sleep with happy dream
Today we will go out to walk again
To a lovely farm with winding stream

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