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The Banyan Tree : A Poem by Dr.Syed Md. Zainul Abedin

Birds sing on the banyan tree
A new book will be launched soon
A new Bangladesh is born in February
New knowledge is presented to be known
The writer looks at the people
He is happy to see the zeal among them
Their eager eyes glitter like ripple
They love books more than gemThe banyan tree witnessed for hundred years
What happened in the sacred Bangla Academy
The nation built the place with blood and tears
Which hosts now the prestigious ceremony
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Guests spoke one by one about the book
The writer expressed the exciting story of writing
The audience was impressed by his charming look
Photos were taken for recording everythingThe banyan tree witnessed another  ceremony
A new book started its cheerful journey

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Boi Mela,Praner Mela (Book Fair,Heart's Fair): Always New and Lively

The Book Fair, popularly known as ‘BOI MELA’ organized every year during the month of February at the Bangla Academy premises is not merely a collection of books.It is a passion of Bangladeshi people.It reflects the history,tradition and pride that grew over thousand of years of Bangladeshi culture.
I visited the Boi Mela again last evening.It was yet another new experience.All the visitors were new.I was amazed to see the completely new set of visitors walking happily.They were smiling,sharing and gossiping with divine pleasure.They were buying books with great enthusiasm.I felt very amazed to see that peoples thronged in front of a number of book stalls.The crowds also looked exceptional and new.They created no chaos.They were very disciplined.
The stalls also looked new with new sets of books and new sets of sales personnel.
Never again I saw the same little child staring at the white swans swimming in the
round pond of Bangla Academy.A new mother was playing with her little kid .
A new set of writers took the seats of Lekhok Kunjo(Writers’ Hamlet) and exchanged pleasantry.
I enjoyed silently all the new things in the Book Fair.It is always a meeting place of passonate hearts.It is always a lively place.