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Love Story

Rain drops playing with lemon leaves,

Little lemon tree sway in the gusty wind.

Lovely lime butterfly feeling very jealous.

Why strange villains together conspired!

The butterfly flies around in great anger,

Losing her love she began to flutter in pain.

She could foresee the impending danger,

She must be ready for fighting to regain.

Frolicking wind and rain drops saw a rose

And rushed to it for playing game of love.

The amorous flower embraced them close,

She was very happy to find dream dove.

Surprised beauty could not think of such end,

She danced with joy with her lifelong friend.

Misfortune : A Poem by Dr.Syed Md. Zainul Abedin

When misfortune follows misfortune like violent waves
I get frightened by the deadly surge
I look for shelters like covered caves
An unknown person inside me makes frantic urge
It seems that misfortune will never end
My mere existence will face painful doom
I passionately hope  for a benevolent friend
Who will take me to a safe home
Suddenly a strange voice starts to mutter
I stare around to see the person
Something seems to move and flutter
I feel that somebody delivers a sermonI get courage from the words of wisdom
Misfortune begets fortune and freedom