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Keeping ventilator in the home is not enough,
For it allows flow of air only in the room.
When a person struggles for breathing,
He may be gripped by dread of doom.

A doctor or nurse can comfort the patient
With a medical ventilator at this stage.
This device may be quite sufficient
If the person is blessed regardless of age.

But everyone is not fortunate during pandemic.
Doctor has to decide to disconnect the device.
The nurse has to comply despite quite traumatic,
The health worker may feel guilty of vice.

Besides these two types of life saving tools,
Another ventilator may have invisible presence.
This is not tangible,but may be felt even by fools.
This ventilates humanity in the name of conscience.

At this juncture of civilization hypocrites flourish,
Let’s invite divine force to rush and punish.

Hypocrite : A Poem by Dr.Syed Md. Zainul Abedin

When ugly hypocrites join hands
Innocent people lose their hope
They are menaced by the bands
They seek divine help to cope
But divine help is not that easy
People suffer from fear and stress
Hypocrites howl to keep them busyTheir normal lives change to mess


The brave hearts that can endure

The nasty tricks of horrid devils

Win at last and become secure

From the lethal offense of evils


We need courage to fight the hypocrites

Patience is extra power for their treats