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Interview : A Poem by Dr.Syed Md. Zainul Abedin

Sat in the waiting room again
I was blessed to be shortlisted
Dream for a job may not go in vain
Hope for honest living may not be terminated

A dozen candidates were already there
All of them were waiting eagerly like me
A smart man volunteered to share
His thoughts on how the interview might be

Another candidate ventured to bring some smile
He disliked grim faces of the job seekers
He was curious about features of my profile
He joked that help would come from leakers

A man spoke with frustration and disgust
He screamed,”Interviews are just eyewash”
He had no reason to have trust
As the agents chose persons by cash

The storm continued while candidates were summoned
Speculations were high on the conversation in the board
When one emerged from there he was critically questioned
He looked unhappy,exhausted and extremely bored

Suddenly,I was called for the interview
I entered the chamber muttering prayer
I tried to look at the members for a view
My heart sincerely sought divine care

A male member appeared very rude
He verified my certificates and testimonials
A female looked polite and good
She asked about my activities  and essentials

Experts from special disciplines
Examined my expertise and experience
They asked about my success stories
And means of achieving excellence

The marathon session was coming to close
When the lady asked my expected salary
“I will be happy with your  package”,said as my response
As the members hurried to make more query

The rude man insisted,’You must mention a figure”
I told,”I wish the employer will be transparent to the future employee”
He shouted,”You have no right to ask this as a worker”
I was alarmed by the thoughts of modern slavery

Noting such aggressive treatment of the agent
I was compelled to mention an amount
For my mere survival,I had to be patient
I was thus thrown to  a state of strange doubt

Glanced at the waiting room while leaving the place
Other candidates were waiting for their turn
I have to wait for an uncertain message
Interview is a crossroad between life and fun


Fish Market : A Poem by Dr.Syed Md. Zainul Abedin


I  love to visit fish market .

Walking slowly with a basket

I look at the diverse collection

and enjoy their presentation.

Sometimes I  move around

and listen to  various sound

that a marketplace can offer

with bargain of customer.

I also look at the  fish vendor

to see how happy or sad his face.

This is really a great wonder

how he manages his work with grace.

I am afraid the vendor will lose his job

when the water body will die of pollution.

My journey to fish market will stop

if the anarchy continues without solution.