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Seminar held on “Mobile Apps and Future Business & Career” in Daffodil International University :Dr Syed Md Zainul Abedin

A Seminar was held on “Mobile Apps and Future Business & Career” in Daffodil International University(DIU) on 20 July 2013.The seminar was  jointly organized by CTO Forum Bangladesh and Daffodil International University.

The seminar started at the auditorium of Daffodil International University at 0230pm with the welcome speech of Session Chair,  Professor Dr.M.Lutfor Rahman,Vice Chancellor, Daffodil International University.

A number of colorful  multimedia presentations were done  on various aspects of “Mobile Apps and Future Business & Career” to a large audience of experts,teachers,students and dignitaries.

Dr.Syed Akhtar Hossain, Professor and Head, Department of Computer Science Engineering(CSE) and Mr.Md.Mahmudul Hasan,Senior Lecturer, Department of CSE presented from the Academia.

Mr.Md.Z. H. Lashkar Palash,Chief Technical Officer, D a t a S o f t  S y s t e m s  B D  L i m i t e d and Mr.Lutfor Rahman,Chief Information Officer,Airtel Bangladesh Limited presented from the Industry.

Dr.Ezazul Huq,Tresurer,CTO Forum,Mr.Kanon Kumar Roy,Director General,National Revenue Board and Member CTO Forum and Mr.Taher Ahmed Chowdhury  also a member of CTO Forum spoke on the prospects of Mobile Apps from various angles.

Members of the audience joined discussion after the presentations. It was revealed from the presentations and discussions that  a Mobile Application or Mobile App was a  software application designed to run on smartphones,tablet computers  and other mobile devices. Due to the usability of Mobile Apps their  popularity  has continued to increase. Developing application software for mobile devices emerged as a great opportunity for the trained personnel in this field. The presenters explained how development of mobile apps may be a means of career and business.They demonstrated the lucrative market or business prospects of Mobile Apps.They mentioned that 16 mobile operator companies were functioning in Bangladesh to provide services for the large number of mobile device users. Considering the  utility of various types of Apps students were urged to make best use of the existing and upcoming opportunities.

The seminar was closed by a photo session following  the vote of thanks.


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