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Stream of Working Women: A Story by Dr.Syed Md. Zainul Abedin

When you are strolling out in the morning you will find young women with canteen in their hands.This stream of working women will enter thousands of garments factories located in the major cities of Bangladesh.In the depth of night if you go out for any reason you will see the same stream coming back home or shabby slum after the day’s tedious work.They are paid very little,sometimes after months.
The establishment of garments sector in Bangladesh is a  great blessing.Garments produced in these factories are exported to many developed countries of the world.This has generated employment for thousands of workers most of whom are women.The women workers  contribute their best ability and talent for the functioning of this vital sector of Bangladesh.
Their wage,medical facilities,security from fire,disasters and debt should be given proper attention for the sake of humanity.Many garments workers lost their lives due to recent fire taken place in a number of garments factories.The selfless workers need to be assured of the safety and security in their work places.
There have been reports sexual harassment of women workers in certain factories.Proper surveillance and intervention may stop such immoral  activities.The government should take best possible measures to stop sexual harassment of the
garment workers.
Despite the low wage,lack of facilities and harassment  the women enjoy their work in the garments factories.They know that work is honor.Many people support these women and protest any injustice to them.
Let’s salute the working stream of Bangladeshi women.They may be termed as the blood stream of the garment sector of Bangladesh.

One Morning of The Spring in My University Campus – Dr. Syed Zainul Abedin

Life in university is always a memorable event.It is not unlikely that an alumnus feel nostalgic when some thought on the university life comes across his or her memory.I encountered a passionate experience this morning when I went for a visit to the campus for some business.This campus is very special for my life and career.I got admitted in 1972 and left the campus in 1977 after graduation. Though the name of educational establishment was Bangladesh Agricultural Institute when I got admitted,this was transformed into a university later as the Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University.

The campus was decorated by the flowers of mango trees.The lovely inflorescences of mango covered most of the canopies of the mango orchard and plants scattered across the campus.The advent of spring is declared by the emergence of mango flowers.The Nobel Laureate poet,Rabindranath Tagore composed the famous poem,’Amar Shonar Bangla….(My golden Bengal)’ indicating that mango flowers bloom in the spring. The other plants that flower to welcome the spring are bauhinia,coral,shimul,polash,krishnochura and shaddock.All these plants were in the campus with their wonderful blooms.The fragrance emitted by these flowers had made the campus a paradise on the earth.Bees and butterflies were flying on the flowers to collect nectar assisting in pollination.There were birds to collect food from the flowers and other sources.

I walked to the horticultural garden.The protected area accomodated many flowers and vegetables.A large

rose garden was there with many varieties.The roses were pink,red,yellow,white,green and mixed.Some of them were very large while some were miniature types.Some had fragrance while others were without any smell.

The vegetables were tomato,cabbage,spinach,onion and many others.Most of the horticultral crops were grown for experiments to understand the production,profit and promotional potential.I met some teachers and researchers in the garden.

I talked with a teacher-researcher who developed some short duration mustard varieties to fit beteween two rice crops which is staple food of our people.He was a successful innovator and continues his work on mustard genetics and breeding program.I visited his experimental fields which reached the harvesting stage.There were some fields of pulses around the fabulous tower erected for holding permanent agricultural fairs.

There were some experiments on rice and wheat too.Various equipments were being used in the experimental fields by trained personnel.All looked very busy to make use of the cool morning weather.

Then,I went to the large cannon ball trees to see their amazing flowers.All the trees carried flowers on their trunks.The cannon ball tree is said to be a rare plant.It carries wonderful flowers that look like the hood of cobra.It is also said that the fruit which resembles cannon ball are poisonous.However poisonous the fruit or flower of this plant may be,I always felt a crazy attraction for this plant,particularly,its amazing flowers.

After the visit of the campus resources,I met a number of persons to accomplish my business.I was welcomed by them.Shared about my passion with them.It was a wonderful morning of spring in my beloved educational centre.

When coming back I looked to the avenue trees of mast tree and road side jackfruit trees.The jackfruit tree were bearing flowers on the trunks and main branches.The beauty of the campus was enhanced by the trees in the campus.