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Sahara India Pariwar Launches Venture in Real Estate Sector of Bangladesh-By Syed Zainul Abedin

The housing or real estate sector of Bangladesh is embracing a new member with the advent of the famous Sahara India Pariwar.The news has been circulated in the Bangladeshi media amidst surprise,hopes and resentment among different groups of peoples and business communities.The common people who are frustrated by the monopoly and deceptive roles of the local housing and development companies seem to welcome foreign companies who will provide services with transparency.It was felt from the reactions ventilated in the local media that people want a fair competition and standard in the housing sector.It is not yet clear how the Sahara Pariwar will operate their business in Bangladesh and what regulatory measures they have to encounter here.However,in the absence of transparent housing policy in Bangladesh and extreme profiteering culture the general public look for a modest solution in the housing and real eatate sector.Only time may say what blessing Sahara Pariwar has to offer for the people of Bangladesh.

Following news item has been taken from the website: http://english.samaylive.com

Though the company is very famous in India,it is not yet known widely in Bangladesh.Hence I like to provide the link of the website of Sahara Pariwar which may be a great resource for the intersted people to discover its programmes and services.I invite you to visit the following link :http://www.sahara.in/index.html

Sahara India Pariwar, a major business conglomerate in India has on Friday announced its entry into the housing & infrastructure sector of Bangladesh.

The group’s, newly formed Bangladesh based company ‘Sahara Matribhumi Unnayan Corporation Limited’ has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Ministry of Housing and Public Works of Bangladesh Government, to invest in the development of housing industry in Bangladesh.

‘Sahara Matribhumi Unnayan Corporation Limited’ will conceptualize, design and plan a new city near Dhaka, i.e. Notun Dhaka (New Dhaka) and will build affordable housing for low income groups with integHousing Finance support for majority applicants. The newly formed company will also conceptualize, design and plan various integrated satellite townships under the Ministry of Housing & Public Works (MOPW) of the Government of Bangladesh.

The MoU was signed by Saharasri Subrata Roy Sahara, Managing Worker & Chairman, Sahara India Pariwar and Mr. Nurul Huda, Chairman, Rajdhani Unnayan Kartripakkha (RAJUK). The event was witnessed by Mr. Abdul Mannan Khan, State Minister for Housing & Public Works and other top bureaucrats, politicians and senior officials of the Bangladesh Government.

The eventful 4 day visit of Saharasri Subrata Roy Sahara was concluded with positive notes after having meetings with Dr. S. A. Samad, Executive Chairman of Board of Investments (BOI), Dr. Atiur Rahman, Governor of Central Bank and the Shri Hasan Mahmood Khondokar, Inspector General (IG) of Bangladesh Police.

Hon’ble Prime Minister of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina had also met Saharasri Subrata Roy Sahara to discuss about the intended projects and further opportunities in Bangladesh.
Saharasri Subrata Roy Sahara has urged the Government of Bangladesh to ease conditions about availability of housing finance and to remove the difference in tax rates between listed and unlisted companies in Bangladesh. The newly formed company ‘Sahara Matribhumi Unnayan Corporation Limited’s plans are to build integrated and satellite townships which will be heavily intensive on infrastructure unlike regional real estate projects. He requested both Dr. S. A. Samad and Dr. Atiur Rahman that a classification of a section be created midway between housing and infrastructure so that the taxation policy is relooked at Bangladesh.

Speaking at the press conference, Saharasri Subrata Roy Sahara, Managing Worker & Chairman, Sahara India Pariwar, said, “I am extremely proud to extend our business interests in Bangladesh. The Government of Bangladesh and its people have provided us a wonderful support and this in effect will help us to contribute towards the development of Bangladesh.”


A press conference of the REHAB and BLDA has taken place yesterday in response to the MOU between Ministry of Housing and Public Works of Bangladesh Government and Sahara Matribhumi Unnayan Corporation Limited.
The report of the press confrence has been published in media today.The report published in online
newspaper,BANGLANEWS24.COM has been presented here for the knowledge of interested readers.You can also read the news item at the following link:

REHAB-BLDA demand equal opportunity

Real Estate and Housing Association of Bangladesh (REHAB) and Bangladesh Land Developers’ Association (BLDA) came up with the plea in a joint press conference this morning at a city hotel.

BLDA President and Bashundhara Group Chairman Ahmed Akbar Sobhan said, “As a businessman, I welcome foreign investment but first of all, we have to protect the interests of local companies when we have failed to handover thousands of flats due to lack of gas and electricity.”

He said, “The government should provide similar opportunities for the local companies like the foreign one. Thus a fair and same level competition will be created.”

The local companies are capable in investing more than the foreign investors, he added.

The BLDA president said, “For the foreign investors, several lakh acres of land are available in different areas in the country, including Nijhum Deep and Mirsarai rather than Dhaka.”

The top businessman of the country said, “If the government signs MoU with the foreign investors over one lakh acres land requisition, they should sign another MoU of two lakh land requisition for REHAB and BLDA.”

The BLDA president stated that the government acquires land at Tk 100,000 or Tk 200,000 per bigha while BLDA has to acquire the same land at Tk 50 lakh to Tk 2 crore. “The farmers become deprived if government acquires land which could trigger unrest,” the newsmen were told.

The difference between the price of governmental requisition and private will create an uneven competition. “That’s why Public Private Partnership (PPP) is important to secure the interest of the farmers by generating balanced competition,” he said.

“I believe that the government would not do anything to infringe the interest of the country. The incumbent democratic government repeatedly said that they would provide us land and we would develop that,” he said.

Regarding the Sahara boss Subrata Roy’s allegation of building Dhaka as the jungle of cement, he said, land is the main hindrance of urbanizing Dhaka. It happened due to the scarcity of land or lack of urban plan.

“If the government gives us land, we can build up better city than the foreign investors,” he claimed.

Regarding Rajuk, he said this organization doesn’t follow its own urbanization strategy rather filling the ditches. “Journalists should be careful in this regard,” he said.

At the press conference, REHAB President Nasrul Hamid Bipu read out a written speech.

He said, “We want to talk about foreign investment rather than a particular company. Like previous, I am urging the government to provide us land.”

Nasrul also told journalists that it is a crucial moment of the housing industry as 70 percent investment has been already stopped. “Without government assistance it will be difficult to survive in this sector,” he said.

BLDA general secretary Mostafa Kamal Mohiuddin, REHAB joint secretary Major (retd) Jamshed Hasan PSC, Arshi Hayder, chairman of REHAB Land Standing Committee M Aktar Biswas, M Anisuzzaman Bhuiyan Rana and managing director of Building Technology and Ideas FR Khan were among others present at the press meet.

Melinda Gates Blooms With Her Own Identity: Dr.Syed Md. Zainul Abedin

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I was wondering why Melinda,wife of Bill Gates was projected frequently in the Media.Was it for her Marriage with the founder of Microsoft or for the Money her husband owned?I also thought whether Melinda Gates has any identity of her own.
I became curious about Melinda and tried to find relationship of the initial word of her name, ‘M’ with other words starting with ‘M’.The readers might already understood the words in question-Media,Marriage,Microsoft and Money.There are Many words starting with M,but Ilike to limit my unfunded research with these common four words.
My Method of study included literature review of Melinda Gates through Google search.The result of search was astounding- 16,400,000 at 0815am on 04-03-12.This figure is really an envious one and may cause jealousy in some people.I felt like conferring instantly that Melinda deserved such acclaim through her work and personality.But ,I restrained to make such inference so soon and went for step by step exploration of her life story.

1.Melinda from her parents family
I found the following links on Melinda quite resourceful which contained lots of information about her life
Melinda Was born on August 15, 1964 as Melinda Ann French in Dallas in Texas,USA.

Melinda’s father, Raymond Joseph French, Jr., was an engineer while her mother, Elaine Agnes Amerland was a home maker.Their family wanted to make their children educated and dignified.
Hence the family sent all four children to colleges for education.
Though Melinda was born and raised in Dallas ,the world famous place of TV soap opera ,Dallas(1978-1991)she was not tempted by the magical world of TV serial rather she sought career in amazing world of computer science. Melinda earned a bachelor degree in computer science and economics from Duke University in 1986 and an MBA from Duke’s Fuqua School of Business in 1987.

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2.Melinda in Microsoft
Melinda had worked as a summer intern in IBM.This assignment was the ladder of her access to the Microsoft.She joined Microsoft in 1987 as a marketing manager.
Melinda joined Microsoft in 1987.She participated in the development of many of Microsoft’s multimedia products including Cinemania, Encarta, Expedia, Microsoft Bob and Publisher.

She served Microsoft until 1994. She held the position of General Manager of Information Products of of Microsoft.
Marriage of Melinda with Bill Gates was not comparable to that of Diana with Prince Charles in terms of pomp and publicity.But,I can’t restrain to note that the marriage life of this couple was no less happy and sustaining than that of the Emperor Shah Jahan and Mumtaz Mahal. The couple got married in 1994 in a private ceremony held in Lanai,Hawaii.

This happy family has three children now. They are Jennifer Katharine Gates (born 1996) and Phoebe Adele Gates (born 2002), and Rory John Gates (born 1999).
It is another pleasure for all mothers and children that Melinda is very attentive about caring and raising her children.

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I found an unending number of pages of youtube videos with Melinda when I searched the network.
I already mentioned that there are large number of results from Google search on Melinda.There are
Great numbers of news and reports in print and electronic media which mention Melinda for her involvement with Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation as Co-founder.
I have examined some of the videos and felt they demonstrated the unique quality,talent and vision of
Melinda.Her presentation and eloquent oratory coupled with her beauty can naturally attract the peoples towards the charitable programs and activities of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.Here is the link of one youtube video that reflects the views of Melinda Gates.Please enjoy.
I like to invite you to watch more videos of Melinda and see how passionate and affectionate
is she about the philanthropic program of their organization.Here is one link,Please visit and watch the youtube video.
To some money is honey and to the others money is the root of all evils. Whatever is said in the proverbs , money is indispensible for the mankind.Men and women must seek to earn money for their living and survival.Exceptions are the misers and greedy peoples who claim superiority over others.
Most of the greedy and misers never change.They always strive to get more money without considering its utilization.
In case of Melinda and her husband,Bill Gates, I don’t know the motivation why they accumulated so much money to become the richest couple of the world.But,themost inspiring thing of this couple is that they have dedicated their savings for the wellbeing of the humanity through the sweet worded
Organization, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.So,the couple has become the custodian of the money earned and reserved by their efforts for the betterment of the world and its peoples.
Melinda is being considered in association with her husband ,Bill Gates.Yet Melinda blooms with her own identity through her talent and dedication.We wish her greater success in her life.

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Update on Melinda-1

I found a number of videos that might be worth sharing.Following video presents Melinda as an extraordinary public speaker.I think that her speech was well received here as conceived by the reaction of the audience who frequently applauded her.Her poetic and lucid presentation impressed me.Her declaration of the principle or belief of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, “every life has equal value” sounded like a divine revealation.


Melinda Visited ICDDR,B in Bangladesh

Update on 16 May 2012

International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research, Bangladesh (ICDDR,B) is an international health research centre located in Dhaka,the capital of Bangladesh.The centre has achieved commendable success in various programmes.

ICDDR,B has worked closely with the Gates Foundation for over a decade. In 2001, ICDDR,B received the first ever Gates Award for Global Health in recognition of the institution’s discovery and development of Oral Rehydration Solution. It is now the only institution involved in all the major Gates Foundation’s research projects focused on pneumonia and diarrhoeal and enteric diseases.
Melinda visited ICDDR,B in January 2012.Over the course of her three-day visit, Melinda toured the Dhaka Hospital, met with the scientists and travelled to field sites in Dhaka’s densely populated suburbs.
In Mirpur, to the north-west of the city, Melinda visited the foundation-funded ICVB (Introduction of Cholera Vaccine in Bangladesh) project, where 240,000 people are enrolled in a feasibility study to assess the effectiveness of mass cholera vaccination, combined with behaviour change education and tools.
She also visited the Mirpur field office of the foundation-funded, multi-country MAL-ED (malnutrition and enteric disease) project, which is investigating the relationship between malnutrition and intestinal infections and the consequences of these conditions on various aspects of child development.
The following day, she travelled to the south of Dhaka, to the Kamalapur field site where ICDDR,B is participating in the PERCH (Pneumonia Etiology Research for Child Health) project, a seven-country study investigating the current and likely future causes of childhood pneumonia in some of the world’s hardest hit populations.
Shortly after her visit Melinda wrote series of on-line columns in the New York Times.She mentioned that she had the chance to visit the world-class research centres at the International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research, Bangladesh. She also discussed the impact of its family planning work in Matlab, and highlighted the innovative approach to behaviour change interventions that she had seen in the ICVB project in Mirpur.

Please visit the following link to see the activities of Melinda with ICDDR,B:


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