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Agricultural Programmes of Television and Radio of Bangladesh : Syeda Tasnim Jannat

The electronic media of Bangladesh play vital role in disseminating and popularizing agricultural technologies.Among the electronic media television and radio contribute immensely for enhancing the spread of agricultural technologies.The regular extension service run by public agencies and non government organizations is strengthened by the contributions of electronic media.

You can have an idea from the following information that both  public and private electronic media are contributing for disseminating agricultural technologies.Since the economy of Bangladesh is chiefly  based on agriculture all electronic media should engage more time and resources on this sector.However,the electronic media who have come forward in popularizing agricultural technologies,practices and business must be congratulated for understanding the reality.

Agricultural Programmes of Television and Radio of Bangladesh


Media Programme (with brief description) Frequency
Bangladesh Television(BTV)Public terrestrial TV Channel 1.Mati o Manush(Soil and Man),a popular programme showing agricultural technologies and disseminating relevant information.2.Banglar Krishi(Agriculture of Bengal),regular daily technology disseminating programme3.Krishi Songbad(Agriculture News),agricultural news Telecast on five days a week at 0700 P.M. on Monday,Tuesday and Wednesday and at 0610 A.M. on Thursday and Friday.The programme is retelecast on the following days at 0810 A.M.2.Telecast everyday at 0725 A.M.3.Telecast regularly with news
Channel IPrivate TV Channel 1.Hridoye Mati o Manush(Soil and Man in the Heart)2.Hridoye Mati o Manusher Dak(Call of Soil and Man in the Heart)3.Krishi Songbad(Agriculture News) 1.Telecast on Saturday at 0935 P.M. and retelecast on Sunday at 1130 A.M.2.Telecast on 0305 P.M.3.Telecast regularly with all news
Bangla VisionPrivate TV Channel 1.Shaymol Bangla(Green Bangla) 1.Telecast on Thursday at 0550 P.M.Retelecast on Thurday at 0330 A.M.,Friday at 0830 A.M. and on Wednesday at 0930 A.M.
Boishakhi TelevisionPrivate TV Channel Krishi o Jibon(Agriculture and Life) Telecast on Sunday at 0620 A.M. and retelecast on Monday at 0230 A.M.
GTVPrivate TV Channel Shobuj Bangla(Green Bangla) Telecast on Friday at 0630 A.M.and retelecast on Friday at 0945 A.M.,Saturday at 1130 A.M. and Monday at 0530 P.M.
Bangladesh Betar,Dhaka(Radio Bangladesh,Dhaka) 1.Desh Amar Mati Amar(My Country My Soil),National programme2.Krishi Shomachar(Agricultural Affairs),National programme3.Shonali Foshol(Golden Crop),Regional Programme4.Shobuj Prantor(Green Field),National programme5.Shoshho Shaymol(Green Crop),National programme

6.Amar Desh(My Country),

National programme

1.Broadcast daily at 0705-0730 P.M.2.Broadcast daily at 0625-0630 A.M.3.Broadcast daily at 0605-0635P.M.4.Broadcast on Fridays at 0550-0600 P.M.5.Broadcast on the 3rd Thursdays at 0830-0900 P.M.6.Broadcast daily at 0435-0435 P.M.
Bangladesh Betar,Chittagong 1.Krishi Shomachar (Agricultural Affairs),Regional programme2.Krishi Khamar ( AgriculturalFarm),Regional programme 1.Broadcast daily at 0625-0630 A.M. in Summer and at 0655-0700 A.M.in Winter2.Broadcast daily at 0610-0650 P.M.
Bangladesh Betar,Khulna 1.Krishi Shomachar (Agricultural Affairs),Regional programme2.Chashabad(Cultivation),Regional programme 1.Broadcast daily at 0625-0630 A.M. in Summer and at 0655-0700 A.M.in Winter2.Broadcast daily at 0610-0650 P.M.
Bangladesh Betar,Rangpur 1.Krishi Shomachar (Agricultural Affairs),Regional programme2.Khet Khamare(In Field and Farm),Regional programme 1.Broadcast daily at 0625-0630 A.M. in Summer and at 0655-0700 A.M.in Winter2.Broadcast daily at 0605-0635 P.M.
Bangladesh Betar,Rajshahi 1.Khet Khamar Shomachar ( Affairs of Field and Farm),Regional programme2.Shobuj Bangla(Green Bangla),Regional programme 1.Broadcast daily at 0625-0630 A.M. in Summer and at 0655-0700 A.M.in Winter2.Broadcast daily at 0605-0645P.M.
Bangladesh Betar,Sylhet 1.Ajker Chashabad(Today’s Cultivation),Regional programme2.Shaymol Sylhet(Green Sylhet),Regional programme 1.Broadcast daily at 0625-0630 A.M. in Summer and at 0655-0700 A.M.in Winter2.Broadcast daily at 0605-0645P.M. except Friday
Bangladesh Betar,Rangamati Khamarbari (Farmhouse),Regional programme Broadcast daily at 0320-0330 P.M.
Bangladesh Betar,Bandarban Krishikotha(Agriculture Talk),Regional programme Broadcast on Sunday,Monday,Tuesday and Wednesday at 0405-0425 P.M.
Bangladesh Betar,Barisal Krishikotha(Agriculture Talk),Regional programme Broadcast on Saturday,Monday,Tuesday,Thursday and Friday at 0315-0335 P.M.
Bangladesh Betar,Cox’s Bazar Shonali Prantor(Golden Field),Regional programme Broadcast on Friday,Saturday,Sunday and Tuesday at 0305-0330 P.M.
Bangladesh Betar,Thakurgaon Kishan Mati Desh(Farmer Soil Country),Regional programme Broadcast on Friday,Saturday,Monday and Wednesday at 0605-0630 P.M.
Bangladesh Betar,Comilla Shujola Shufola (Well-watered Well-produced )Regional programme Broadcast on Sunday,Tuesday,and Thursday at 0520-0530 P.M.
Agricultural Radios

Various programmes ,

Regional programme

Broadcast daily from morning till night

Boishakhi TelevisionPrivate TV Channel          Shofolotar Shat Rong(Seven Colors of Success)                                                                                                                                                Broadcast on Saturday at 0300 P.M.

Krishibid Institution,Bangladesh (KIB) :Dr Syed Md Zainul Abedin

An ‘Agriculturist’ is a  graduate from any of the agricultural universities or faculties of Bangladesh or abroad .An ‘Agriculturist’  is also  known as ‘Krishibid’ which means one expert in ‘Agriculture’. The agricultural graduates popularly known as ‘Krishibid’ and ‘Agriculturist’ join the professional society Krishibid Institution,Bangladesh(KIB) which acts as the central body to look after the education,jobs,professional development,agricultural policy and development issues and relevant interests of  all members and concerned agricultural agencies.The leadership of the Krishibid Institution,Bangladesh(KIB) is elected through   countrywide election.The election is conducted by Election Commission at the centers located in all  Chapters spread over Bangladesh.

The Present executive council of Krishibid Institution,Bangladesh(KIB) was however elected uncontested for the years 2013 and 2014 term.A.F.M.Bahauddin Nasim and Mohammad Mobarak Ali have been elected  elected as the President and Secretary General respectively.Professor Dr.Kamal Uddin Ahmed has been elected as the Treasurer of the committee. Professor Dr.Shahidur Rashid Bhuiyan,Dr.Md.Rafiqul Islam Mandal,Md.Mohsin Miah,Dr.Md.Rafiqul Islam Mandal,Professor Dr.A.K.M Zakir Hossain,Mohammad Ataur Rahman,Md.Hamidur Rahman,Md.Khairul Alam (Prince) and Dr.G.M.Faruk(Dawn) are some members of the executive body.The full committee may be seen at this link:http://kib.org.bd/files/2012/12/Final-Result.pdf

The present leadership is taking interest in institutionalizing Krishibid Institution,Bangladesh(KIB).The activities of this forum was being organized from a century- old house situated in the former Dhaka Farm.The Dhaka Farm was established in 1905 with the goal of introducing modern agriculture on the basis of the recommendation of Famine Commission of India.The Dhaka Farm was also known as Manipuri Farm for a great number of farm laborers who came from Manipur of India and worked in the farm.The Dhaka Farm was a self contained body with laboratories,research institutes and educational centres.The Bangladesh Agricultural Institute located in the farm was later converted to Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University (SAU) in 2001.As the little house was very inadequate to run the multifarious activities of Krishibid Institution,Bangladesh(KIB) its  leadership had worked hard to establish a multistory building.The new building of Krishibid Institution,Bangladesh(KIB) is being constructed in great speed and it is expected that it will be soon inaugurated for usual activities.

Bangladesh is an agricultural economy.Agriculture supports its major income,employment and vital activities.’Krishibids’ or ‘Agriculturists’ play major role in the development of Bangladesh.The national association of agricultural graduates,Krishibid Institution,Bangladesh has been  organizing ‘Krishibid Dibosh’ or ‘Agriculturists’  Day’  on 13 February each year for a number of years.Various events are organized  to review the achievements of the agricultural graduates and strengthen the contributions of the agricultural graduates for the development of Bangladesh.All agricultural agencies of Bangladesh observe this day and take vow for development of agricultural sector of Bangladesh.Graduates working in various government and non -government agencies,universities and private sectors happily  take part in the festivities of the day.

Krishibid Institution,Bangladesh helps promote the education of the talented children of Krishibids who study in various

universities of Bangladesh.It is awarding scholarships to a large number of talented students.The Institution also extends help and support to the ailing Krishibids when they seek  assistance.

The agricultural sector of Bangladesh is composed of crops,livestock,fisheries and forestry.Ministries of Agriculture,Livestock,Fisheries and Forestry of the government administration are mainly manned by the agricultural graduates.Besides,many banks,specialized agencies and NGOs hire Agricultural graduates for their programmes.

Krishibid Institution,Bangladesh regularly takes part in activities relating to planning,appraisal, implementation,execution and evaluation of agricultural    policies and programmes in Bangladesh.It interacts with various government agencies and organizations for realization of its objectives and goals.It also regularly observes various national events with due honor.

Krishibid Institution,Bangladesh(KIB) organizes traditional cultural events like Pahela Baishakh(the first day of Bengali year) with great enthusiasm.This events being organized in Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University (SAU) premises for the last couple of years.The whole day programme starts with Panta Ilish and Pitha festival in the morning followed by seminar,discussion and lunch. The later part of the festival includes cultural events,games  and dinner.This annual festival is participated by a large number of Krishibids with their families.Another popular event of Krishibid Institution,Bangladesh(KIB) is its annual picnic.Members of the society join the picnic with their families in a scenic picnic spot out of Dhaka and enjoy the whole day there with many interesting activities.The last picnic was organized in Rangamati where more than a thousand individuals attended.The picnic was specially enjoyed by the children and wives of the members.They took part in many games,cultural function,quiz etc.They enjoyed the adjoining forest and photography  in the wonderful spot.You can see a photograph of the picnic at this link: http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/8451435387/

Krishibid Institution,Bangladesh maintains a website, http://kib.org.bd/ for sharing its activities with the members and concerned authorities.You are invited to visit the website and get the updates of the activities of   Krishibid Institution,Bangladesh(KIB).

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