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The Divine Wrath

Every moment brings message of death.
The world is facing The Divine Wrath.

But have patience my sweet friend,
The Divine Wrath will hopefully end.

The people will be free from lock down.
Sounds of smile will fill our town.

Our children will play in the park.
We will ply in lake in a safe ark.

Have a pleasant time in prayer.
Enjoy your Birthday with due care.

Little Boy: A Poem by Dr.Syed Md. Zainul Abedin

Little Boy was a clever name
He played a merciless and fiery game

People of Hiroshima melted like snow
Little Boy displayed his atomic glow

Warmongers are not happy with death
They feed Little Boy to appease wrath

(Hiroshima was turned to a hell on 06 August 1945 by the atom bomb,Little Boy)